I would like a little bit of infomation.....

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kefob, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Basically i was wondering, could i join up as say, a combat engineer (if they even have those in the regulars i carnt seem to find anywhere saying they do) and then after my trainings all done, move to the paras or an infantry regiment?

    Ive heard its easier to move down than up, so its probably better to start off as that and move down the ladder. Could i theoretically do that, and would i have to do even more training? (I know i would in the paras, but what about normal infantry?)

    Cheers lads.
  2. Firstly:

    I would have a look at the way you pose your subject "Right, would like a little bit of infomation" no one on ARRSE likes to be spoke to in that fashion by some little chav civvie.


    Infantry training is infantry training no matter which infantry regiment you go to. Para infantry go a bit further, faster and jump train so yes you would have to do more than a 10 week basic to go infantry.

    and finally:

    I dont think any of the infantry boys would like you saying their not worthy and you may consider in down grading yourself to be an infantry man remember we all are part of the bigger picture and no part works with out the others
  3. Why not start out where you want to end up?
  4. If you want to move down - go to Sandhurst get a commission then resign it and join some lowly unit asking for the mundane post
  5. Sure the shitty infantry lowlife will be really happy to read this :D
    Join the Feckin RAF and downgrade to the NAVY you cnut :wave:
  6. I agree with what has been said above. You do sound like a chavvy cnut saying "Right, would like a little bit of information....." Be honest, if we were at a bar in the table and you said that in conversation to us, you'd probably get a slap.

    Now to business.

    Why do you want to be a Combat Engineer? That is the BASIC trade of the Engrs, after that you will also train as something else, ie Sparky, plumber, etc.

    I bet the Engrs will be well happy, after training you up you p1ss off to the Inf.

    Think about it.

    Howabout, you join the Inf and then become an Assault Pioneer in hte pioneer platoon?

    You want to be Inf anyway by the sound of it, and the Assault Pioneers are the Bns own Combat Engineers.

    Something to think about, anyway, if you want to be a Inf and an Engr.
  7. Firstly, thanks for the replies.

    Secondly, i didnt think there was anything wrong with the title personally, but everyone has his or her own opinions, no need to get shirty.

    Thirdly, i dont know how chavs talk around your own town/village/city, but round here thats how EVERYONE talks, and the chavs still talk differently. I write how i say things, because i happen to be a dyslexic bugger who carnt spell properly. So it happens to be easier.

    Right, back down to awnsering posts.

    I didnt mean it disrespectfully, i just meant that in the whole fasion of things, infantry are the grunts, front liners, which you dont exactly have to be intelligent to get into, while an engineer needs to be more intelligent than an infantry man. I didnt say they wernt worthy, but in terms of intelligence (and pay in some cases?) they are a downgrade from an engineer.

    I dont want to join the Navy or RAF thanks, refer to paragraph above on infantry. No offence was meant.

    Can anyone give me any more infomation on this? I carnt say ive heard of them before, so any additional infomation would be much appreitiated.

    For anyone from the infantry who reads this, i wasnt being disrespectful, even if this is how it sounds. It was a simple point of thats how things work, and thats the ladders, as such, as i see it. I want to be in the infantry, so i wouldnt want to disrespect them, or their job.
  8. I hope this is a wah. Saying you dont have to be intelligent to be in the infantry... your not going to do very well here.

    As an aside infantry front line grunt? In the assualt it is normally the engineers who are the lead element to clear obstacles before the main assualt force goes in so you may want to rethink that.

    From what little I know the assualt pioneer section in an infantry battalion is an 8 man section that is part of the battalion HQ company. Its jobs will be similar to those of Combat Engineers whose job description is freely availabe on the army website.
  9. Whoa we dont want him lol. Dont you mean join the Navy the go down to the RAF.
    RAFs worse than being a civi
  10. thats fantastic so infantry boys are not intelligent? why dont you plop yourself into the helmand province and see how intelligent you are under fire....
  11. How to win friends and influence people by Kefob...
  12. I dont think ive actually said that infantry boys arnt intelligent, you just dont have to be intelligent to get into the job. Its a simple fact, not my opinion.

  13. Its not a simple fact, you can join the infantry WITHOUT GCSE's yes, but that doesn't mean you don't need some intelligence...
  14. Calm down everybody.

    You CAN join the Inf with no or low GCSE's, however, that should not be confused with low intelligence. Just because Nu Arbeits plans for a one size fits nobody and everyone gets an A* GCSE education system hasn't given a qual doesn't mean you are thick.

    I know several lads i nthe Inf, one of who is very dsylexic, they may be low on quals but I wouldn't say they are thick.

    Ref the Assault Pioneers and the Pioneer Platoon.

    3 Mercian, Assault Pioneers

    TA site but gives you an idea.

    7 Rifles

    Or you may wish to be join the Royal Pioneer Corps (RLC now).

    RLC Pioneer
  15. isnt it odd this is the only word spelt wrong as if to make a point about being dyslexic......hmmm just making a point...il let you think about that one.