"I would have joined the IRA"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Zulu, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Found this on BBC;

    Rose McGowan

    Ah, the romantic image of the British colony struggling against a brutal imperialist owner still survives in America, then. Even talking to torturers doesn't persuade them that someone who would use a power drill on someone else's kneecaps isn't a friendly freedom fighter.

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  3. Didn't check the NAAFI :oops:
  4. Yes,of course she would have joined, and also pigs may fly,looking at the cast list, i wish they had, then it wouldnt have gone on for over 30 years, and we wouldnt have had to put up with films like this.
  5. I know I'll be berated for this but someone has to say it.

    For years on Arrse among other places, Americans have been lectured that a lot of our problems are 'payback' for our past actions whether in South America or in Asia or whatever.

    Let me put forth this proposition--and in no way am I defending the IRAs bulls***--but when you oppress a people enough to treat them as 2d class citizens, diminish their religion for generations and allow them to starve themselves out existence (as in the potato famine) you're going to incur this sort of thing years later from their descendants.

    And you can crow all you want about US plastic paddies or whatever not being Irish. They believe they are and they hold their views passed on down to them from their Irish forefathers fresh off the boat from Eire.

    None of this excuses supporting terrorists. None of it.

    Since coming to Arrse I've often wondered if the Brits would be well-served by directing a publicity campaign in the Boston-NYC area (full of Irish-Americans) pointing out the IRAs terrorist results--including dead priests, civilians and cops; the last a big deal since the police ranks in the NYC/Boston area are notoriously filled with Irish) and highlight the British Army's role in protecting Northern Irish Catholics from the Orange terror groups. It seems a few million pounds spent here would've been money well spent.
  6. Don't make me laugh, okay.
  7. What people forget is that the ira wanted ulster to be a independant socialist state the paddy flag waving was just to get popular support. Why do you think they get on so well with the current government most of who'm were fully supportive of the ira's aims during thier "radical" student days
  8. That any better?
  9. VIRGIL,
    Boat from EIRE?

    FFS, the irish free state(Eire) didn't exist when most of the Yank irish community emmigrated
    They have a chip on their shoulder and are just using historic arguments to legitimise terrorism and drug and gun running.
    Get over it, move on and see the world from untainted eyes.
  10. Eire is also the Gaelic word for Ireland, which I was referencing.

    I'm not Irish so I could give two s**ts frankly.
  11. No, because it was the Injun's who were doing their fair share of the attacking. What is it with this American Indian obsession. That's the third time today somebody has said something like that to me about those poor, put upon little Indians. Never mind that a relatively small number of American Indians thought that they were entitled to the vast expanse of North America all for themselves. The cold truth is that they were primitives living in a prehistoric condition and they tried to fight people who were much better armed. I'll give them big props for bravery and fighting spirit though, even though they didn't earn any mercy because of their own cruelty toward captive women and children.
  12. Even then it all comes back home to GB:

    US Army Chief during the 'frontier' wars: Gen Tecumsah Sherman (family emigrated from England)

    US Army Cavalry commander - Philip "The only good Indian is a dead Indian" Sheridan (family emigrated from County Cavan, Ireland!).

    General George Armstrong Custer (family from County Durham, England)

    Kit Carson (Scottish background)

    etc, etc.
  13. Like the ira then, who specialised in avoiding direct contact with anyone that could fight back and deliberatley targeting women, children and civilians in general with big fcuk off bombs whilst they were miles away.

    Mainly paid for with the Yankee Dollar.

    And you wonder why we all think you are a hypocritical nation of cnuts?
  14. Actually, I don't care what you think but I'm glad we annoy you. :p
  15. You don't.

    We just dismiss you as cnuts