I would have been retiring tomorrow!

If I hadn't jacked it all in for supposedly a better life, I would be retiring tomorrow from Green Machine.

What future would I be facing if I was on my last day tomorrow?

I know for a fact, if I was leaving tomorrow, I wouldn't be as happy and as settled as I am now.

I wouldn't have my house, and I certainly wouldn't have my current other half.

Hi Fred. Didn't they make that kind of thing legal a few years back? We have to be cool about it now. Don't ask don't tell went out the window. Unless you wre in the Turkish army perhaps? I hear it is still a no-no there.
Easy Tiger, I'm not coming out of the closet on this one!!
Whoa, slow down ladies, there I was thinking that tomorrow, I'll be 40 and would be retiring from Green Kit, and all I get is abuse, but then again I shouldn't have posted in the NAAFI should I!

I couldn't imagine not working, took 4 months out a couple of years ago, and 6 weeks out after New Year this year, and I've never been so bored in all my life. It was ok for the first week or so, but after that, I wanted to skin the rabbits and kill them.

So, even though I might have been able to enjoy a little leisure time if I'd have stayed in, would I be climbing the walls after a week or so?
Jarrod's new conquest? :?
It is nice to be retired. One can have a good lie in, lateish breakfast, potter about in the back garden, etc.



Retiring? After a couple of weeks watching coronation street and "pottering" about the back garden you'll launch yourself off your council flat balcony...

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