I worked with a Walt!! (he was ex signals)

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by BLACK_MOUNTAIN_ELVIS, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Not really a Walt Hunt or Outing, but just a story of a proper mong i knew................

    I worked with a chap within the Civil Service from 97 until 2005 ish. This chap was interesting to say the least. He had a story for every occasion. He genuinely believed everyone of them when he told them. Fortunately so many staff were ex forces he could be outted/disproved on every story, it didnt matter though, he ploughed on regardless.From memory......

    During the Falklands he was fired out of a torpedo tube. When asked how he was propelled out, apparently it was a special charge. When asked how he didnt lose his legs if it was explosive he reverted to stock answer - touched nose and said "special". None of us were divers/swimmers etc but when asked how he survived water temp he told us he had a dry suit, when asked would it not still be cold "was a special suit".

    Apparently he jumped carrying a 150 litre bergan, GPMG, 10000000000000 rounds ,batman, IBSMs, a jeep , a small dog , a sofa , well , you get the idea. there was a chap who worked with us who was ex Army or RAF (cant remember) who knew parachutes inside out , he worked with them everyday and was something to do with supervising the chaps/chapess' who packed them. He was a parachute techincal anorak.
    He asked said tube how he was still alive as his canopy would have collapsed/imploded under the weight he said he was jumping with. Its was "special". expert asked walt was it an abc123 or 123abc (for example) etc etc. Cant remember exact answer but he either used the parachute that never existed that expert had made name up of or a civvy one that is never used.

    He went on leave from current job , when he came back he told us he had been teaching Navy Seals how to use JTAC lazer range finding ninja kung fu kit as he was one of the only ones BAE/argos/B+Q had trained to use it.Despite him not even being in the services any more.

    He is the chap on one of the better known phots from Falklands (para carrying union flag in bergan). Said tube is only about 5' 4" ish......

    The list goes on.......

    Long and short was IIRC he did 22yrs and finished his career in a hut at Blandford stripping old radios for parts as he had diabetes and was a tube and it was an excuse to hide him away.

    Was called D**e P******t if 'behaviour' rings a bell to anyone.
  2. Fascinating.
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  3. Are you sure? I can't make my mind up.
  4. Don't be so syndical, that could all be true!?!?
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  5. I reckon there should be a ban on posting walting shit until the poster has posted 100 non walting posts.

    Then I wouldn't have to repeatedly open bullshit threads with people telling porkie pies and outing imaginary walts in an attempt to curry favour on arrse

    dull and boring
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  6. I think the OP secretly wants to bum him.
  7. I think you have named the wrong bloke, because the bloke who told the torpedo tube yarn was E**** G******* ex blah man
  8. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    If this is the photo you meant, It wasn't Paras carrying the flag.
    A column of 45 Royal Marine Commandos yomp towards Port Stanley. Royal Marine Peter Robinson, carrying the Union Jack flag on his backpack as identification, brings up the rear.

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  9. FOAD, please.

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  10. It all seems quite genuine to me!
    but I would be a bit sceptical about the amount of ammo he jumped with,as everyone knows..the army didn't own that amount owing to cutbacks.
    be a bit more charitable to that old warrior and buy him a pint.
  11. I've just been looking at pictures of a lady's front bottom. Very nice too.
  12. Carrots or broccoli, I can't make my mind up?
  13. So we're all SF, haven't we all been fired through a torpedoe tube. I didn't even wear a dry suit, so my mam says.
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  14. I work with a bloke who is always talking about what he did in the army - NI, Falklands etc etc....oh wait, that's me...

  15. Strange, he always thought you were a top bloke.