I work with a murderer!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FatBoyGeorge, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. A usually dull monthly team meeting was a little more exciting this morning as I found out that I've been working with a murderer. He's an employee of a company that we contract out for traffic management and have had him on my site countless times since he started his job over a year ago.

    Apparently the pikey's (former Royal Irish by the way) missus had been playing away and was moving out with the help of a 72 year old pensioner. Michael the Mick threw a fit and stabbed them both. Unfortunately it wasn't a double murder as the bint survivied.

    By the way, don't mess with me, my mate's in for life.

  2. So?? Can he do the job?? If so, move on.
  3. Er, no. He's been charged with murder and attempted murder. :roll:
  4. I thought about attending court so that I can cheer him on whilst the family of the pensioner wept.
  5. My cousin did over 20 years for murder because he wouldn't admit it.

    Years ago one of the prisons won a contract for Doc Martin boots. I'll never forget one of the screws on radio - "The best workers are the murderers". Acquisitive criminals - burglars and thieves - are idle scum. Murderers are often ordinary people who've killed somebody :D (although that's less true now with the whole "gangsta" and drugs thing).
  6. My bad. I thought it had happened in the past, as I missed the link at the bottom.

    Promote him when he gets out.
  7. I thought you were being bitter about that WAH i dished you. :D
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The old bloke went out the way I want to - murdered at an old age by a jealous husband
  9. Well thats what happen when you employ swampy's......
  10. :) I walked straight into that one!
  11. FGB,
    Pah only a plarty 1! served with 2 who went on to top someone and some one who tried but didnt manage it and topped himself. Do I win £10?
  12. Bretta, what drugs you on. That made about as much sense as the Labour Party's Manifesto.

  13. Bone question here.

    Was the missus banging the pensioner or did he just get caught up on the middle?
  14. Tis your own fault for working in King's Lynn. I'd call it the shytehole of Norfolk if Great Yarmouth wasn't fighting hard for that title.