I work out like a 8 year old girl...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Yes. What a fag.

  2. No. Thanks for the amazing advice JayCam.

  1. ...and I am probably fitter than you. How? I skip.

    I started skipping a few weeks back and I can tell you it fcuking knackering. You think running is tiring, skipping is on my estimate 3 times as bad. Its a fantastic cardio workout and also seems to build muscular endurance. The first few times you do it your entire body will ache the next morning especially your calves and triceps but also strangely your abs.

    The other benifit is that its alot more fun and interesting than running, once you get the basics you can start alternating your rhythm and pace and start doing double jumps, (rope goes under twice per jump) triple jumps and if you are amazing quadruple jumps.

    And the proof? By replacing running with skipping for 3 weeks I have shaved 30 seconds of my 1 mile personal best (now 6:40).

    So if you are getting frustrated or bored with running go buy a skipping rope. Get a good one with a leather rope and ball bearings like boxers use and it will make life easier but I use a 7 quid nike one I got from JJB and its fine.

  2. Hmmmm, you sure about that? :roll:

    A 10 Min 2.4k run isn't exactly Mister Superfit you know.

    Skipping is good for you but it's no substitute for running I'm sorry to say and that's speaking from someone who used to do an awful lot of skipping when I used to box.
  3. Yeah I know mate I was only joking.

    Yeah its not a substitute but I find that it has really helped me get over a platau I had reached in running. And I do think its a better cardio workout than running.. for me anyway.

    Anyway just thought I would share! :)