I wondered how long it would take!

The pictures speak for themselves but this is a very versatile piece of equipment. internal stowage straps allow items to be secured inside. Very sturdy construction. DPM design. Adjustable straps.
(Ideal for securing your walt so you dont lose it!)

There's a idea,Why not find some shiny bit of gucci kit,stick it on e-bay as walt bait!
Think it'd work?
genuine SAS rope, used in the Iranian embassy seige by "Smudge".

Unfortunately it was melted......
just looks like a gucci radio bergen
mmmm but the net crap on the front looks like ventilation

and the straps inside remember me of the old style radio bergen that surplus shops seem to have loads of
I think you'll find that it holds a bit of kit that you're advised on OPTAG not to talk about in open forums. I'm just interested in how the guy managed to get hold of one, as we damaged one on OPTAG and had to write statements on what happened as it is a starred piece of kit - only issued with accompanying heavy bit of kit.
aaaahhh of course the british armys highly secret weapon

the MK1A2 Brick, House, x 12

or is that me showing my roots?
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