I wonder why these have never had Sex

By 'eck!
They were the only ones the farrier brought?

More of a worry - why is stilly reading The Femail section?
**coughs** It was just something that caught my eye, honest.
"Happy to be virgins" - not like they seem to have a lot of fucking choise really is it. Might as well learn to love the fact your hideous. However i would gladly do the 2nd bird for a giggle, maybe even the 1st, maybe. After a few jars there isn't much i wouldn't do. :/
One says 'Once a month or so I might feel a flicker of desire, but nothing I need to act on'

No wonder, you are ginger FFS
I'm surprised. Most gingers I've known have shagged like electrified weasels, the dirty scutters. Funnily enough, they also smell like them.
I'm a bit partial to a dusky bird so this quote is right up my street . .

They say my toffee brioche pudding is better than sex!'

I'd eat her Toffee pudding out anytime.


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