I wonder if the Falklands Islanders should try petitioning Obama?

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Hugh McManners, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. The USA usually spends billions of USD and kills lots of people in the cause of freedom and democracy. I wonder instead if President Obama might be persuaded to do some good in his own backyard by very quietly letting it be known that he's not going to let the freedom of 3,000 Falkland Islanders get trampled in the process of Argentina trying to cut itself a slice of the oil?

    I'm probably very naive, but until the UK gets itself another aircraft carrier, a discreet touch of US "back off Christina" might prevent further necessary anxiety and possible grief in the South Atlantic?

    I've tried drafting a petition to send to the great man - rather than clutter up Arrse it's here Falkland Islanders petition President Obama | Hugh McManners - Official Site

    I'll be very grateful for any repeatable suggestions (he being the Leader of the Free World).
  2. Best wah of 2012 so far.
  3. "Dear Barak

    Please forget all about the Monroe Doctrine and 200-odd years of regional policy.

    If you need any help with Congress, just let me know.

    Love and kisses


    There you go, should be sorted by next week.
  4. If the US have an oil interest in and around the Falklands I can't see them letting Argentina interfere with that.

    Good job because there's sod all we could do at the moment.

    Other alternative for the Falklands, total independence, they then get UN protection against hostile acts towards them.
  5. 2nd best wah of 2012, trade in your crayons for chalk... They might even cure your rancid rants if eaten!


    Job jobbed!
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  6. Fixed that!
  7. Never happen, just last June the Hillary Clinton State Department again said the Falklands status should be negotiated. You would think 82 solved that once and for all.

    Obama Administration Backs Argentina Over U.K. On Falkland Dispute | Fox News

    Obama panders to the South American set. Its disgusting but thats the truth of the man, he has a serious hard on for the British, due to a family myth about Grandpa being tortured.
  8. ISTR that Hillary used the word 'Malvinas' in reference to the Falkland Islands, which should indicate which way the wind shall blow.

    Granpa Obama's mistreatment by the British is a matter for which abject apologies are due to all the citizens of the USA. Why they didn't castrate him, we can only wonder.