I wonder if she ever wakes up with a sore arse?

What, wake up with a sore arse?
I do every morning,,,must remember to get some more KY,,the missus can be a bit rough sometime.......
So I found out.


So it's a safe bet she isn't training to be a fucking airline pilot?

And yes, I would too.
she can fall into a trance without warning, sleep for 22 hours at a time and throw terrifying tantrums

Oh, I think my wife has that...apart from the 22 hour sleeps.

And the trances
So this Kalvyn fucking Klein syndrome makes women: lazy, uncomunicative, petulant, aggresive, irrational and subject to uncontrollable fits of rage.

When you think about normal lasses, how the fuck are we supposed to make that diagnosis?


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The episodes, which see Alanna spend weeks almost entirely unaware of her surroundings, cause her to act entirely out of character. She babbles like a baby and is unable to read or communicate.

So I used to have a sleep disorder?! I was under the impression that it was the alcohol that did that! :drunken:
I'd fucking smash her hoop in so much she'd be in a life time trance.......
I call bollocks!Petulant stroppy split arse is "diagnosed" as a petulant stroppy split arse, seems a bit to easy that really.

Mark The Convict

'She starts crying and gets so upset, thinking everyone hates her'

She'd be right, too. What kind of 'disorder' would make you nut her in mid-tanty?
So if your name is Gary Glitter and you fancies a bit would it be legal or illegal when this lass is in a trance like state?
She is 22 years old, part Asian (which is two ticks in the box for me) and she is quiet for long periods (another tick).

Gary Glitter can fuck off, I saw her first.

And yes she would have a sore arse.

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