I wish

I know someone who lives there. It was covered in Spray paint the other month - at the mo they have workmen doing it up, but the little chav cnuts are there every other night. The Police are invisible in the area - it has recently had a huge development of new housing and I believe the Police leave the security in that area to the security guards on the building site. There are none to be seen - accrording to someone I know who lives right next to the church...

Not good.... Its times like this that you realise the Policing is non existant and the Chav scum have the run of the streets.
All police have their hands tied by the human rights cnuts!!!
Im from Northampton and know it well, used to play round there when I was a nipper! I probably went to school with the big brothers and sisters of these little pieces of s***. Beleive it or not the worst offenders will be from some quite well off families. Northants has steadily become an utter s***hole over the last ten years.
Northampton is a sh*t hole - got a couple of mates from the town and Corby and they admit it is rough as arrseholes. Was drinking in the town centre last year and watched it all kick off in all directions with at least 40 people all wading in to each other. I had to dodge a few people so I didn't drop my chicken kebab....disgraceful!

Hammer the little ba*tards!!

Then get 'done' for infringing their human rights to desecrate churches, destroy property and threaten people. Thanks again Bliar you grinning and dishonest dip-stick.

Police can't do anything as they are up to their ears in paper-work from the 85 year old blind lady they arrested for letting her dog wee on a police-car wheel and trying to find a way to meet their targets for this month/year.

Bliar you have destroyed Britain!!!
Give them all the drugs they want, heap them on them, and then let them all OD. The initial outlay will save the nation loads in the long run and remove cause of problems.
Unfortunately it's not just Northampton... the other day some little cnut decided to spray his name over about 8 feet of York Minster :x

Little Tw@t

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