I was wrong to say that we cannot cope, admits police chief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Pressure gets to police chief

    Has that fat bastard charles clarke had a quick word with him on the brilliance of labours crime and justice policy?

    Arrse post on police chief complaint about lack of resources
  2. A sad day when an honest public servant is forced to look a fool. Just goes to show that with this government it is not permitted to tell the truth unless it is the party approved truth. Mr Goebbels would have been impressed by this bunch.
  3. Well said IA. The sooner this bunch of uncaring, untrustworthy, 'democratic' dictators are voted out the better. The whole cabinet is rotten to the core and I'd rather have Coco the clown as PM than that arrse BLiar.... hang on a moment? Maybe it is Coco?
  4. I might be cynical here but I think this bloke got a midnight call from old jug ears and told to wind his neck in.

    Seems he has :roll:

    The depths New Liabour will stoop to in order to try and stay in power. This country is in a worse state as I have ever seen, thanks to Tony Bliar.

    They lie and connive and then have the ordasity to try and lie some more to get out of it :evil:

    I ma convinced now my future lies over the ocean in another country.....right where is that travel brochure
  5. It's the same with the Armed Forces.........notice how these Generals don't say anything until they are out?

    Then the cynics dig at them by saying that they should have said something whilst they were serving?

    Too much pension to worry about.

    This copper was alwasy going to retract Now by doing so, the rest will be too frightened to speak up. LAw and order in UK is out of control. The Governemnt doesn't want us too know that our police cannot cope for exactly the reasons which the Chief Con of Notts stated.

    Democarcy my arrse.

    Don't vote LAbour!
  6. Crime isn't down, it's just that people don't bother reporting it these days, cos they know there is absolutely no point whatsoever.
  7. I saw some smarmy NuLab Nottingham MP on tv just after the CC's interview. What an absolute newspeak piece of shit he is. He spoke as if Nottingham was a paradise without problems. The sad thing is - he probably thinks it is.
    Prince Charles is more in touch with ordinary people than some of these elected representatives. Frightening.
  8. Even the head of the Police Commitee looked and sounded very confused on the TV last night! I think the way it was done at the press conference made it more than clear that he was got at by the Home Office!
  9. As long aswhat's gone on is more than obvious to the voting public, then Labour will have placed another nail in thier own coffin.

    From Stalin to Blair..............once a red always a red. Commie bastards.