I was ufas'd can i re join?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by adamgt, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. it will be 2 years next feb since I was medically discharged from phase one, the short story of it is that I had a mental breakdown in the first couple of weeks, I was sexually abused as a nipper and it came right back to bite me, dont know why or how but it did.

    Anyway I am thinking of giving it another go, The major of bassingbourne (major sparks) said I could come back in 2 years, but I dont know if thats true or not. Im 28 now so if I wanted to get back in i better do it soon. What are my chances of getting accepted after being ufas'd?

    any help would be appreciated

  2. There is a magical place which is able to deal with really specific questions like yours and this site is not it, can you guess where it is?
  3. Garry Glitters bedroom??
  4. Aaaaree survey says!


    Phone your local recruitment office :)
  5. Army's full, mate. No room at the inn for you!
  6. Try the cav though they might let you in the stables
  7. Are you applying for Paras. May be lucky for 3 para's mortar
  8. UFAS Unfit For Army Service????
    Which bit of that is unclear????

    Has anything changed??? How does the Army know it aint going to happen again?
  9. Have you considered joining the Cadets as an instructor? You can then get some revenge therapy by touching all the children you want, and you get to wear green kit. A double-winner if you ask me (which you didn't)
  10. Yes, it's called the NAAFI!!
  11. None whatsoever - try the Salvation Army mate.
  12. I doubt it, this gentleman of dilusion is very un-stable.
  13. i got RFAS from ITC Catterick, worst mistake i ever made, civ div is full of mongs and untrustworthy cunts, dont you listen to these silly twats on here chap they aint worth a wank and certinaly aint in the gladiator div because if they were they would not be on this site talking utter rubish, haha get your sen to the AFCO and try your best to get in. A closed mouth dont get fed
  14. Stop mainlining toilet duck you fucking mongtard.
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