i was told pirbright?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by johnboy1990, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Im going to start basic training on the 26th of May, as some of you probably read.

    I thought i was going to Lichfield because thats what the books you get given, the armyjobs website and my job description form said.
    My letter said i start at Pirbright, an so did the a.f.c.o said, even though im joining the royal engineers.

    I looked around the net an found out that Lichfield was closing in April, someone in another topic asked me why i was going to pirbright "Royal engineers train at Lichfield"

    So could one of the higher member's in the "know" clarify that Lichfield is closing down and the R.E's are being sent to Pirbright.

    Just to clear my mind of doubt if not i will just phone the a.f.c.o
  2. I'm no 'Higher member' but at my selection we were told the same.
  3. You have a choice; do you believe the official letter and your AFCO, or do you believe an anonymous contributor to an unofficial website?

    Hint: the official letter carries a degree of weight to it!


    PS; Enjoy your training at PIRBRIGHT!
  4. As a matelot i've stayed there several times(pre-bisley training) and i can say that i hope your accomodation is better than the fcuking shithole i was in...!You'll need a shower AFTER you've had a shower!!! 8O

    Character building stuff. I mean,where else do you get cockroaches crawling over and rats living under your bed.

    But don't let me put you off, i'm, or was, just a landlocked sailor.You army types will probably be laughing your co.cks off as they only give transit accom to the matelots! :wink:

  5. sounds 5 star to me.

    Im from a town where trolleys and baby prams are the same thing and 10 year olds are raping 12 year olds, so a few cockroaches crawing over rats sounds pretty casual.
  6. Very sensible advice tonight Litotes, you mean to say that all an applicant needs to do is listen to what his Recruiting Sergeant has told him, do what it says on the Joining Instructions tells him and go to the train station the train warrant has written on it and all will be fine :wink:

    On the other hand listen to someone who's heard from his dead aunts dog that its sisters owner who has never been in the Army told them something completely different.

    Decisions, Decisions
  7. im liking the funny jokes, but i did listen to the afco. But if you check the army jobs website, and the job description brief (which the afco give you) it sayd Lichfield.
    All i really asked was, is Lichfield closing down?
  8. Lichfield is becoming a med centre mate, was told by someone i was at basic with after i left
  9. fair enough, cheers.

    off to Pirbright then!
  10. hey,

    i just finished ADSC at Lichfield (17-18 Feb) and the major there told us when we were finished that there was going to be a change around in April and that all the REME, RLC's and RCS' were going to be trained at Pirbright.

    Then the JE's were being moved to Lichfield and Bassingbourne would be taking on other adult trainees. It was on that basis that as i will be joining the signal's i was going to be going to Lichfield but as i am not joining till May i have received joining instructions for Pirbright.

    I'm just happy they will be keeping the female recruits at Pirbright. 14 weeks without booze will be hard enough at least there will be women there.

    Hope that clears things up.
  11. Partly right, JE's are going to Winchester from Bassingbourne (ADC) and not Lichfield, adults are going back to Bassingbourne and the Medical side of life is going to Lichfield ;)

    An ATR is an ATR, its all the same syllabus, its just the size of the hills that are conveniently close by that differ, Pirbright has access to some nice ones :D
  12. yeah my mate used to live round there and says there are quite a few real nasty ones. am right looking forward to exploring their many contours
  13. I'm just happy they will be keeping the female recruits at Pirbright!!!!!

    Ha ha your hoping, they are very strict on mixing, the only place you mix is the WRVS then you got some noc going round making sure you aint even looking at each other. so funny
  14. hey guys any 1 going to perbrite tommorow??
  15. Oh FFS :roll: