I was there

Yes I was there before the troops arrived & was able to guage the change from the G4S run show to the Troops taking the job on.

Jesus you could not believe the transformation that happened from the moment they walked through the door & never in my weeks going in & out all day long did I ever see them take their eye off the ball.

They (you?) were in the spotlight from people from every corner of the globe working at the park and I could see that these people were very impressed.
Always a smile.
Always ready to help.
Always paying attention to the job at hand.
Always professional.

Bloody well done as you were a credit to your country/profession & of course yourselves, not forgetting that most of them were young people which made it even better.

BTW I just joined to say the above & have no connection to the military myself, well the old man was a Gordon Highlander but who's dad was not in the military (bye & large)


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