I Was There...An unusual military duty

After reading the excellent Soxmis and Brit Mil Train threads, this got me to thinking. What's the most interesting, unusual, perhaps historic military duty you have undertaken?

Maybe you tucked Hess in at Spandau?

Gave Gerry Adams a full body search?

Painted the boathouse?

Or perhaps you were the bekilted Scottish officer flashing his bits next to HMQ in the legendary Regimental photo?

Or were you the drunken squaddie who leapt the Berlin Wall into the East for a bet (not strictly a duty I know!)

Or even the green lidded Tail End Charlie flying the Union Flag from his CEFO when yomping into Stanley in 1982.

IThe best I can do is when I was with my dad at Helmstedt when he strategically placed his Berlin Travel Docs on top of some papers in the Soviet guard post. Upon picking them up we drove off giggling to ourselves. I felt like I was an extra from 'The Spy Who Loved Me' Upon searching though the stash of stolen top secret soviet documents, we discovered a dog eared copy of Pravda....and er, that's it. We had ballsed up our one and only crack at hastening the end of the Cold War.

I'm sure you lot can do better. No fibbing mind. And no bloody balcony stories.
Or perhaps you were the bekilted Scottish officer flashing his bits next to HMQ in the legendary Regimental photo?

You mean a certain Col, whose wife was the queens stand in for the practices before the big day in November.


Genuinely broke down due to a coolant leak in Germany whilst on exercise at night , went to the nearest house for water, occupants in the middle of a mass orgy!
They kindly gave me water ....... I kindly gave them a salute....... Both parties VERY happy!

Thank funk they did not think i was a gate crasher in fancy dress!!! :p

(The things i did for Queen and Country!)
jimmys_best_mate said:
marco_poloroid said:
Or even the green lidded Tail End Charlie flying the Union Flag from his CEFO when yomping into Stanley in 1982.
He was on here at one point. 'The Yomper', or something like that, from what I remember.
Almost! :

theyomper said:
Just to put the record straight regarding the Yomper Image. I was that Royal Marine and at the time was a detachment commander in the Milan troop. The photo was taken on the Moody Brook track as we had just come down from Two Sisters and were on our way to take up positions on Wireless Ridge for the final assault on Stanley. However word filtered down that the Argies had surrendered and this is when one of my marines produced the flag, which was put on my arial with good old black maskers. It did blow off in to what we had been told a minefield but was retrievd and put back up on the arial. Pete Holdgate was a naval commando photographer who took the photo and with hand on heart it was not a staged photo like some.
I recently went back to the Falklands, after 25 years, and it was an eye opener to see what we all achieved. I spent a long time at the San Carlos Cemetry paying my respects to oppos that didn't come home, very year around this time I think of them and of all the others that didn't return home from this conflict or others that are being fought at this present time.
Peter Robinson
Nothing flash but was the courier who collected the last post before Detmold and Dortmund garrisons closed.

Also on the MT section at Mill Hill used to get £300 cash on a Monday then disapear for the best part of a week dropping off stuff all over the UK stopping off in hotels/B&B's used to make a bit of cash off it as well :)
Anybod else remember guarding the Yanks and there Nukes in Germany. We had the outer wire and they had the inner wire and as I remember it they were a bit **** about it all. Its only a nuclear bomb for fukcs sake, lighten up!
Fired the one 'o'clock gun to celebrate the five hundredth (I think?) anniversary of the fortifications of Berwick on Tweed.

Brought the Queen Mum her gin and It...after firing her birthday salute at York.
1981, Belize independence. Prince Michael attends dinner at Airport Camp WOs and Sgts Mess. Muggins here, recently promoted, gets to be Mr Vice (due to the amount of people attending, two of us nominated as Mr Vice would you believe). Sitting at the end of the table and in comes a piper who then proceeds to play (?) sweaty drones in my right ear for the next 2 hours 34 minutes and 18 bloody seconds!
Wasn't a fan of the pipes before then but now hate the damned things. 2 hours, 34 minutes and 18 bloody seconds!
Above and beyond the call of duty IMHO.
During the dying days of the Apartheid era in Seffrica, my platoon were "selected" to offer close security to the newly-elected Tricameral Parliament ("colourd" MP's) on a visit to the Operational (Red) area.

We did the close support bit travelling in convoys, running around like mad things to do "proper" area security any time the convoy stopped. Twas then that I saw what little boys did when they got to Parliament - we were constantly finding clothing left lying around, found alternative accomodation when one of the MP's sprayed his colleagues with a 9 Kg water fire extinguisher, helped paralytic MP's to bed after YET another drinking binge... my toddlers were better-mannered than them! :(
75th Anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. We rendezvoused with a civilian ship carrying veterans of the Battle and a handful of us went over by boat transfer, in full No 1 rig (or No 4s as it was known then for Officers). Had to wear immersion suits as the sea temperature was down in the brass monkey region and there was a large swell running - great fun trying to time your jump onto a rope ladder with a 20 foot rise and fall going on. As it was somewhat rough it was felt that the veterans, most of whom who on the less mobile side, would not be able to throw the wreaths we performed the act of remembrance instead. An honour and a privilege - my only regret is that we were unable to talk to them at any length afterwards.
Had to go aboard HMS Arrow when she was West Indies Guard Ship and pulled into Belize for the weekend, to brief the Master at Arms on what to expect ashore. I was looking forward to it having once enjoyed a games night with Jack in Rosyth. I wasn't disappointed. Two minutes after beginning my spiel I was whisked away to the bar for a large complimentary rum and DRAUGHT beer - which we couldn't get ashore. Got back to the unit at lunch time absolutely sh*t faced. God bless the Senior Service!
woke the duty cook for 3 queens glorious part in granby
"the wars started RSM wants a brew for everyone"
6 weeks of fannying about trying to look relevant :x
double guard on mount troodos 6 foot o snow in case iraqs version of clint and burton plan to blow the RAF base up :cry:
Mid 80s at Hyde Park Barracks, Prince and Princess Michael went through a phase of riding our horses in the park (bloody freeloaders as ever). An officer was always detailed off to accompany them, but they were very fussy and several were banned for striking up inappropriate conversations with the royal couple. By the time they got down to me on the list, I was told to just ride behind them and keep my mouth shut.

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