I was mugged today

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nodigitsever, May 4, 2007.

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  1. was on my mobile to the misses whilst between buses and a bloke behind me wrenched my head back, injuring my neck, and stole my phone!

    the thing is i will not claim on the house insurance as we have a £75 excess so not worth it

    also I am signed off from work for 2 weeks but will have to go in tuesday as I do not get sick pay so cannot afford any time off

    Police just gave me a crime number

    why should I lose out for the benefit of some drug taking scrote?
  2. I feel another cop bashing coming on
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, and don't have your head up your arrse.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    . . . and chase down said mugger before creating a brand new smiley face just below his original one with whatever sharp implement you can lay your hands on. Failing that, catch him, take the phone off him and then return back to him in a manner that ensures that both he and you get what you want; he gets the phone he so badly needed, and you get the satisfaction of allowing him to talk to someone more clearly than ever before because the phone has been passed to him via his teeth and now resides in his larynx for a clearer signal.
  5. I assume you never managed to get hold of the gun you were so earnestly trying to obtain then ?
  6. got to admit at times like this its tempting but I admit we can't blame plod on the ground for the failings of the system.
  7. Not really switched on then,were you?

    Btw, did the missus have a nice chat with said mugger further on?

    hope you recover soon from you injuries though mate
  8. Erm, be aware of where you are, and run after the little cunt and fucking pummel him......

    Sense of honour?
  9. I love that bit "I am not very happy with this transaction either" - very funny especially for a Welsh guy! (LOL! x) :wink:
  10. Believe it or not but we all get mugged everyday - by the FKN TAX MAN.

  11. Got to love the coumial sprit we have in this country today, so not one person said anything, I am presuming you were not alone on the bus?

    Two lessons to learn from this

    1) Don't use public transport!

    2) Always carry a pen, then if the cnut is bigger than you when they grab your phone ram the pen into their hand, thus making a wound that won't heal and hopfully break a few tendons also take the time to then stand on the chair and lag on the fcuker
  12. Similar thing happened to me a few years ago, I was attacked by a bunch of scrotes, all aged 15, with them dragging me to the floor and giving me a pummelling, I did manage to get a few punches in though and caught one on his face with my watch giving him a cut below the eye. Police turn up and arrest several of the scrotes and ask me if I wanted to press charges so I told them that I did, next day the police tell me that I needed to attend the local cop shop in order to me interviewed as one of the scrotes had pressed charges against me. With his injuries beeing worse than mine I was told that I could well be in the sh*t. Court appearances etc ensued and in the end it was all dropped, nothing happened to them and nothing happened to me, but how much would all that have cost the tax payer? And why should I be in that position in the first place? I was simply walking along the road minding my own buisness. Great this country isnt it?
  13. I concur!!!!
  14. A couple of years ago i was set upon in central London by a bunch of youfs. Not big but there were eight or nine of them aged about 16 (I guess since some of them had mopeds). After the initial scuffle during which I managed to land at least one solid punch on the apparent leader I got away.

    I didn't know the area well but they clearly did and so I stopped in a nearby park. About 3 in the afternoon on a bright summers day and about 50 people were enjoying the sunshine. The scrotes came at me windmilling like good uns. I'm a big bloke and kept them off until I tripped over some rose bushes. They then set to with their feet until they thought I'd had enough when they legged it. I am only grateful that the yobs of today wear Nike and not DMs.

    Not a soul in the park did anything to help or said anything afterwards apart from a Postman sat on the bench not 10 metres from the action who said "Not your day mate".

    Bloody marvellous! But if you get the sort of grief Mag_to_grid did for fighting back, who is surprised?