I was just cleaning it ma'am, and it went off

Royal Cop Accidentally Fires Gun In Car

Just imagine. Yuu've landed the plum job of guarding the Duchess of Cambridge. One fine day she lets you know she is going shopping and that you are to protect her.

First stop is Le Senza, where she asks your opinion on a variety of skimpy lingerie outfits. you excuse yourself and hurry back to the car nursing a magnificent erection and whilst in the safety of the armoured RangeRover you bash one out......
well, there goes his tour bonus...!

yeah right..
I may have had the odd negligent discharge, but none of them involved firearms :)
My guess he was bored shitless and was cocking and de cocking and not concentrating on whether the loaded mag was in or not , he should have carried a few spare rounds in his pocket to cover any "loses" but then his mate may have dobbed him in.

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