I was driving along one day......

how can someone be that f*cking cavalier when taking human life?

A "turkey shoot"? a comment like that coming from a professional who has just dropped over 10 iraqi's makes me intensely angry. Fair enough if you are in a situation that requires the use of reciprocal force you may be able to justify this type of action. However the "incoming" that they are recieving is f*cking miles off.

How PMC's can get away with this sort of sh1t astounds me. When the camera pans out to see a rooftop of beared "operators", with f*ck off grins...

<shakes head>

I really do pity that man. Watching that video, although not graphic, made me feel sick.

This is coming from someone who has not experienced Iraq, so I'm on shaky ground here. I'm sorry if my vaguely lefty comments offend anyone who doesnt agree with me, but IMO this is wrong...

the.midnight.fox said:
how can someone be that f*cking cavalier when taking human life?
more mumpty security guards here
I think you can excuse language in a fire fight ,but,I thought those m4 carbines were pants after 300m they seemed to be firing at long ranges and in the 2nd clip just unproffesional .have to wonder about putting these clips on web .
Dear God almighty! I didn't think that they actually said 'Get some!' Then again, 'Hose 'em!' is a septic executive order to fire. Who on Earth actually lets these people have weapons?
Poor fire control orders and piss poor target indication.

GRIT anyone? I don't know why I bother sometimes.........

One thing I didn't hear was some gruff hairy bloke shouting "GET SOME FECKING ROUNDS DOWN YOU CNUTS!" in a broad regional accent - which you'd expect in such circumstances.

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