I was always against professionalizing rugby

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Where were you in Apr 09, on the moon?
  2. **** me, they call you Trigger don't they?

  3. More like tigger, or is he bright enough ;-P
  4. delete please
  5. Yes it was making professionalism legal and above board in rugby union that caused all the problems. Ask a Bath supporter from the 1970/80s and they'll point to that as the cause of their club's decline!

    After all, if everyone's doing it then where's the advantage to come from!
  6. As with any game, professional or amateur, the first rule of the game is don't get caught.

    They got caught, and the RFU came down heavily on them, effectively ruining Dean Richards career with their 3 year ban. And rightly so.

    I daresay in the amateur leagues of rugby (well actually I know) similar shenanigans happen ("injured" props so scrums can go uncontested against stronger packs, etc etc) so quite how this incident can be linked to the professionalisation of rugby back in 1995 I am not sure.