I was a soldier - no really!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jim_Research, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Serious question. Do soldiers still get issued with an AB108 or has this been replaced?
  2. If that's the Red book it's no longer issued. All you get is a JPA printout I believe.
  3. As i understand it, 108's are not issued anymore. You (should) get a testimonial from uour final CO and a JPA printout by request from your final unit (if your still in, ask HR Admin for a Certificate of Service from JPA reporting. If not, try JPAC)
  4. You do receive a 108B/C which goes into your SL pack
  5. I got a jpa print out and sod all else.
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  6. I got sod all!
  7. Serious answer- with the onset of austerity measures within the public sector, you do get e record of service, what is your JPA record, printed on some nice paper and signed by some civil servant in APC. Your final unit, if they could be arrsed, can produce a testimonial for you, and an SJAR (CR), but that is only if they have a sharp admin team in situ.
  8. Fucked knees/ankles and a shot out liver is usually a better testimonial.
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  9. All I got was a testimonial from my CO and my last SJAR, which I didn't even get to sign as I was on resettlement when it was done, nothing else.
  10. Mine was also a serious answer, I got sod all!
  11. I got two red books! Army Form B108(ADP) and Army Form B6840, which is actually more a folder than a book and contains my Certificate of Qualifications AF B6499 (ADP) and job description AF B6325 (Revised 6/85), which advises people that 'Service Employment experience may be utilised as; a petrol service attendant; motor vehicle serviceman; builder's labourer (general); civil engineering labourer (general); or, other transport operating, materials moving and storing and related occupations.' I don't mind admitting that I have struggled to meet their expectations.
  12. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    my red book is in the national Army Museum . I got a fair in the conduct section coz our rotten clerk wouldn't take a bung but my write up was superb bless 'em. Employers always noticed this so i stopped showing them the red book .
  13. Thanks to all; seems there is a bit of a mix. Clearly the AB108 is generally not now issued but someone on a corps site did receive an AB108 and he only left last year - most though seem to be receiving an ADP print out. My interest is in establishing how individuals can officially, clearly and easily show they are a veteran. By veteran I do not mean the government's definition: "...have served for at least one day...and their relatives..." but someone who has completed basic, special to arms training and joined an active unit. The AB108, a LONG time ago, was recognised by some employers and was both portable and compact. A pity it is no longer used. Sadly the excellent Veterans Badge is too easily obtainable by those not entitled.
  14. I'll dig out my JPA form later on today, I've no idea if it even lists the units I was at. I seem to recall it only contains details of courses you have taken if the clerk could be bothered entering them on the system. For example I do believe mine is a mixed bag including crane operator and CFT pass from 2007. Useful stuff you can imagine. No write up either, seems once you are leaving they no longer give a toss about you.

    Edit: Apart from the reserves form they send out to confirm where you are living, god help you if you don't return that within three seconds, you get a right snotty letter from them. Granted it would have helped them if they sent me a form out before the snotty letter. But now they are fully aware of where I live and that I am a full time lady of leisure, despite having the incorrect genitals for such an occupation.
  15. Thanks vampireuk, interesting edit - there's always an up side.
    Anyway it does seem that the formality and utility of an AB108 (the little red book) has been lost in favour of what sounds like a right mish-mash of bits and pieces.