I want to shoot stuff

Mr Happy

Back in the 80's I joined the TA to run around and shoot at stuff, preferably Russkies (remember them, I was in the Kremlin last Sunday - it was nice with excellent ice cream).  

With my current unit I haven't had an exercise since 1995, since then it's been courses, training, instructing, CPX's and god knows what.  

I don't think I can remember what it's like being tactical for more than 30 minutes..

In the old days we turned up, dug a fire trench, patrolled, attacked something, went back, got attacked, filled in your trench and went home.

Is it just me or should I keep doing S types (FTRS) for the fun of it..
Same boat as a lot of the regulars these days then.  Once training is over it appears to be endless barrack routince, consisting of admin duties followed by short bouts of excitement hiding behind a wall in Belfast, in a Wadi in the Gulf, behind the Marines in Afghanistan etc.  The sooned everyone puts their notice in and leave President Tony without a lap dog to help George W the better.  Then new Labour might just decide a happy Army is an effective one.

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