I want to shag Diana's rotten corpse

Which dead celebrity would you like most to engage in a little light necrophilia with?

Posh totty, pliable, doesn't talk back. Oh, and dead. Ticks my boxes.

Only confirmed dead: "missing" doesn't count, Zero_Over
I think that if rotten's your thing, you may have missed the boat with Diana.

I'm no expert, but I'm guessing that she's probably more skeletal by now.
Bridget bardot, or is she still knocking around?

Maybe babs Windsor too.
Hang on, she just looks dead, doesn't she....

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Heath Ledger.

It was only three years ago. Depending on the skill of the embalmer there may be something left to, ahem, work with.

Could I suggest the earthly remains of Eva Peron to you chaps? Incorruptible, apparently. Do wrap up if you don't want to kill future lady friends though; apparently cervical cancer is now classed as an STD.



I don't wish to sound like a boring cnut here, but the deceased mother of two serving officers? Yeah, well done. That'll look ace in the fcuking papers!

I think you will find that it has already been in the papers and is in a film. Bad taste probably but this is the NAAFI bar so jog on.

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