I want to ride my bike...Crap roads

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fones_4_Me, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Im currently on leave, Im now into my second week! My son is at my moms for the week. So obviously Im bored. So when I woke at 0830Hrs to see the sun beaming through my bedroom blind, I thought "rite, get up, get showered, get dressed and get out on ya bike all day!" So there I was having only been out of bed 40 minutes pulling off my drive at 0910Hrs.
    I really did ride pretty much all day, stopping once in a while for fuel and scran. I got back home at 1730Hrs. Now I did the same quite a few times in Germany and came back grinning like a Dogger in a car park. However my day out on the UK´s open roads was shite. The roads have more craters than Vladamir Putin´s grid, there are drainage covers on most bends and farmers dung wheel deposits everywhere! WHY THE FCUK DO WE PAY ROAD TAX?
  2. dont you know? i thought it was obvious!
    to pay for all the immigrants houses+kids to live a life of riley, the rest goes to scumbags in council houses to pay for their full sky tv package+ever increasing inbred offspring...the remainder goes to anyone else who wont/cant work as an incentive to vote Labour!
    Grrrr cnuts!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    TWICE!!! Why do I have to tax my bike and car - I can only use one at once.

  4. Yeah the road situation is dreadful, in my area the place is full of patch marked roads pavements and pot holes from all the utility companies that dig it up every week, scrapd my exhaust on one the other day didn't sound too good.
  5. You should all just be glad that you can ride, and that you have a bike to ride. :cry:

    But seriously, most of the roads around here are shite
  6. You think you're hard done by? What about this poor biyatch!
  7. Ladies/Gebts

    Yes, no doubt the roads around this fair isle are in a poor state, but for those of you who can ride enjoy what you can. I'm currently sat here recovering from a little altercation with a limousine driver on the M4 from back in Oct 05. The results were a broken collar bone, 7 broken ribs with 27 separate fractures in the rib cage alone, a split and displaced sternum, punctured right lung, collapsed lungs and tubing required to drain fluid from both lungs and around the heart.

    I have posted a few piccies of the results under the miscellaneous gallery with the titles, Bionic Shoulder, Remnants and ICU 10 Oct 05 for those that wish to see.

    This is not an attempt to garner sympathy but those who can enjoy the roads because some of us can't at the moment.

    At least most of you don't have the displeasureof watching the missus donning tight leathers in the morning and watching her nicely covered arrse drive up the road on HER bike every day whilst you contemplate the joys of another morning watching richard and judy. Ok maybe a little bit of sympathy for that bit..........

    Piccies will appear soon when approved.

    Keep it on the rubber........

  8. lolol.... Mate I have had a few good pile ins but never broke so many bones in one sitting!! In times of woe I find that turning on the PS 2 with Moto GP 4 inserted and riding the likes of Rossi, Biaggi, Gibernau etc etc into the ground kind of helps. Surely it has to be alternative to Richard and Judy?
  9. Last year I wrecked my front tyre & wheel in a large pothole on the A12 near Chelmsford. I was lucky not to loose it big time as I was riding at 69mph? Once safely back at home and a change of underwear I wrote to Essex Council detailing the incident. I was asked to send them 2 estimates and then they paid out £560ish.

    Due to the Cr*p roads & idiots who place man hole covers I have now changed from sports a retro bike and plod along. It is now almost enjoyable but give me European roads anyday.
  10. Get yourself a big trailie, something like a DR 650. They can cope with the crap roads and they're a hoot to ride. Another advantage is that you can see over the top of most of the cages and make the most of any chance to overtake. 8)
  11. Oh and don't start me on the road tax issue - not allowed to drive - according to the doctors - at the moment due to the repair work and ironmongery placed in my shoulder. Didn't stop the good old DVLA stiffing me to keep the car parked outside the house for the last six months. Cant drive, start it up once a week and not moved in that time but still cost me £96 or there about for the privilege.

    As for paying for two vehicles and only able to use one.............shame I hung up the green suit a few years back as I know a few deserving targets in the Reading DVLA office. Good overlook from the garage across the road........
  12. Does the Gibernau in the game drip like a septic cnut and hold its shoulder like a big Spanish Hom ?????

  13. Love it, nice 1
  14. Just got back from a follow-up at the hospital, I'm still not allowed to ride yet. So bang goes my idea of getting a 2006 ZX-6R on 0% finance. :cry: :cry:

    Oh and for a laugh I did a quote for insurance for one. If I lose my 4 years NCB then the cheapest I found was £3,224 Fully Comp for a year 8O 8O

  15. lolololol.... I do actually try and give him a nudge every time I pass him... I kinda think Im getting one over on him.... ITS A GAME.....lolol...