I want to marry a military man!

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Joshua Slocum

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If i would be a honeytrap, i would be married "to money and visa" long time ago (it could have happened 5 years ago).
But i was in love with emotionally unavailable guy for three years, instead.
He was probably under the financial pressure and could give me nothing, i suppose.
I am quite safe from honeytraps thankfully !
being very old, and married to a mental Irish Italian keeps me in check
now if you had a motorcycle, or a steam train you might garner a little more affection from the ancient members of this forum
Really cannot find the fucks to read 85 other pages - can anyone summarise the current situation for me?
Yeah, I worked that bit out from the first post. Was just wondering if anything interesting happened after that.


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Oh I never get involved when the ladies get emotional- I just let em get on with it. See this is where it all goes wrong - I blame it all on them being allowed to drink pints, instead of being nicely ensconced in the snug with some crisps and a nice shandy or maybe even a bitter lemon- away from any manly language...

You lookin at my pint, ya ****??
The signs have been there for a long time. Sadly we never noticed, I feel a bit ashamed. Do you think it’s all that time spent at sea?
He's a friggin matelot... how could that go unnoticed? 'Roger the Cabin Boy'...

... is A phrase that never fails to leave his cabin steward, Quentin, all a quiver.
Are you really female , proof required.


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Mackem social climbing, anything to improve the gene pool in the village of the damned
I take it you read my whole statement all the way down to the LAST full stop at the end of the white space?

Clue. Select all.
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