I want to marry a military man!

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Hello people!

I have always felt that I can be a good military/police wife. My life was difficult, I have gone through numerouse heartbreaks and sufferings, and have seen crisis and war in 90s. So I am very serious and have absolutely no desire to play or be played.

Briefly on myself: Divorced with kids. Most of all I love children, nature, music and reading. I am anti-feminist by nature, but can work and be independent if needed. There is no equality between man and woman - but must be a mutual respect.

The reason I don't try it on dating sites is because they are often full of scammers and married men.. In a case you are interested and not married, ask any question here or PM me. We could also connect through facebook to learn more. I speak Russian, English and a little bit German.


No cheaters

No players

No sexting (at least untill we are close in real life). - it's all just the waste of time.

No fake or photoshopped images, and I promise it all will be mutual.

Thanks so much for reading and a future help or advice. :)
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This should be good


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Oh dear, I don't think this is going to go in any way how the OP thought.
Ummmm errrrr ahhhhh....... never mind.

Good luck.


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I just hope the avatar is not a selfie
.....yes good luck.
You may be better off hanging around museums, Waiterose or joining a suitable hobby group rather than asking on here.

Do please let us know if you meet success here and we'll provide a character reference for you
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To the OP - if you are genuine, be aware that this is a fairly rough and ready site for military and ex-military, so there will be a fair bit of mickey taking along the way...

Don't take what is said here too personally, but seriously, if you are sensitive, may be best not to pursue your stated aim through this site (and if you stay, for personal security reasons, assuming the thumbnail is actually you, possibly best to use another less identifying avatar)...
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