i want to leave the TA how lond do i have to give

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by markey1986, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how long i have to give if i want to leave the TA iam still traning at the mo.

    Please any help

  2. Pick your timeframe -

    2 minutes, 2 weeks, 2 years.

    But before going down the how to get out route, what is it that doesn't make you want to stay in?
  3. I have just got a new job where i will be away from home alot and dnt think i can do the TA aswell.

    So if i give my notice in 2moz when will i be finish would it be a month

  4. Get everything you have been issued and drop it off at your TA centre and you're done mate its that easy.
  5. There are others better qualified to offer you advice on this, but the ball is firmly in your court.

    Understand the job issues, and civvy has to take priority - the army can't pay its own bills, never mind yours.

    If the work / life /TA balance is not possible, then speak to PSAO and explain it to him. A lot of people here will gripe that you've "wasted time and money" by binning it during your training. - There again, you aren't stopping somebody else from joining.

    Is the new job "pressure" a short term thing or situation normal from here on out?

    If the job issues are likely to be temporary, then the TA will probably be able to accomadate this. ie. pizz off for a year and come back to us.

    If this is "really don't want to be part of Tony's box of soldiers anymore", then the job isn't the issue. Have you enjoyed your time in the TA so far?
  6. The 2 minutes option!
  7. paso is in 2moz in the day should i ring and say i want to leave and just drop the kit off
  8. Choice really is yours - whether you choose to pass off and then bin it, or walk into the TAC this morning, it's entirely up to you.

    You don't seem overly keen from your posts, how long have you been in the TA - idle interest - just wondered if it had been a pretty boring training programme.
  9. Have you thought about transferring to a unit with not quite so much committment required, or even one closer to your new job?
  10. yeah i have had fun with the TA just my new job will be away alot so just cant do both really
  11. The decent thing would be to have a chat with your unit first and let them know why you want to leave.

    If you have a problem then they may be able to offer you a solution, if you simply lost interest then they’ll want to know why so it doesn’t happen with the next recruit.
  12. This is where you tell us that you're working for Armor Group!
  13. no my new jobs is with BA and is around the world so i dont think i can do it. only been in TA for 3 months
  14. If the honest reason why you want to leave is that your new job will take up too much of your time, consider transferring to a Specialist Unit.

    I don't know what your job is, but it's probably included in:
    If so, or even if not, have a look at the following before you make your decision: http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/TerritorialArmy/TANearYou/SpecialistUnits/
  15. PTP's message and Goku's are both good advice. Don't be worried about speaking to them (your unit) and telling them the score. As Goku says, they need to understand why people do leave, and how they can best address this in future.

    Your situation is going to become more and more common - more people, work further from home, often overseas, then ever before, the TA needs to adapt to this. By just going - which always appears a bit suss, they don't get to hear your side of it, which doesn't give them the opportunity to help you or offer alternatives.

    Good luck with BA - I guess this isn't the place to discuss your crucifix!