I want to join.


I've been thinking about the pros and cons of the army for ages now and I know that I want to join. I've got a few problems though:

Im 16 on December 9th, and plan to start at ATC Harrogate in September, my mum however doesnt want me doing anything that could get me killed, but to be honest, if im not parachuting into a warzone, i'll probably be sky diving into a swimming pool, so there really isnt anything that can stop me.

I was wondering about quite a few things really, one is can i be refused from the army if my mum says i cant? Also what are the stages of training, and are there some useful sites I can use to prepare me for training.

I want to join the army to get out and explore the world and get healthy, because although im outside all the time, I dont exactly lead a healthy lifestyle.

Any help please?

- Joel
If you're under 18 then you have to get a parent to sign a form to allow you to join. However, you won't be sent anywhere operationally until you are 18.

Give it a go, you may hate it, you may love it.

You don't know until you've tried.
As said you need to get your parents to sign your AFCO 4 at the start of the application and also to sign the U18 consent form when you attest. If your mum doesnt want you to join you cant do anything about it and had a couple of lads who couldnt join after passing ADSC when their mums changed their minds. Best thing to do is get your mum to go down to the ACIO and listen in on the reception briefs, chat to the recruiters and look at the AFC DVDs.
It is a dangerous job in the forces and you never know what will happen in life. A young 13 year old lad was run over on his way to school on Friday here in Colchester, an absolute tragedy that proves that you never know what will happen in life.
AFC is a great place for lads and lasses have a look through the long list of threads in the training wing.
Mmmm, Under 18 eh? Then it could be tricky. Try walking in your careers office with a stick on moustache, it'll instantly put years on you. Using lots of big long words, you could then lie about your age. Try it first thing monday morning, when the recruiters can't really be ARRSEd, suffering the monday morning blues. Worth a try.

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