i want to join!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by exiledwolfx1x, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. im new here and im wanting to join the forces, im 19 and "semi" fit. atm im sitting in a dead end job that bores the balls off me. i have an interview booked with the local recruitment center and i cant wait!

    im running every night and have handed in a six week notice from my job. so im on my way. the thing is im really nervous and as much as there is so many +'s to joing the army there is a couple of negatives eg family, friends etc

    anyone give me some motovation to go through the last step and sort myself out. by the way im looking to join the signals, electronic wafare systems operator
  2. try looking at youtube at army vids thats always good for motivation,also you dont wanna run everynight or your heading for shin splints.try running 3-4 nights a week with a days rest inbetween.
  3. Another bites the bullet :) but to be honest I would not have handed in the 6 week job notice :S

    The application and selection process can be quite long and vary from person to person especially regardingg medical forms.

    Also once you've finished the selection process (culminated by the ADSC) you may very well have a long wait for basic.

    We've all probably had grief from family, friends etc at one point but stick with it mate and definatly keep up the fitness - I've heard that they are going to use the grading system more at ADSC meaning the better you do you are more of a priority so stick with it!!

    As said though you have a long way to go so I would reconsider handing in a job notice (if you can change it??) until at least ADSC.
    Good luck
  4. why have you handed in your notice?as you are not anywhere near getting in,I'm not saying that you wont it's just that you will be sat around with no money and no job.
    You should also consider that you could be waiting until 2010 to get a place.

    get yourself as fit as you can and show them that this is the job you really want,as there are so many people trying to join at the moment.

    good luck.
  5. Ha Ha! [points] YOU'RE FCKED
  6. If I were you I would do everything I could to stay on at that company until you have your start date for basic training. You could be waiting 12 months or more until you start.
  7. Aye, not a good idea giving in your work notice NOW. Your not likely to get a start date until feb 2010 at the earliest ;) I'm not leaving my job until after I pass ADSC and have a solid date for basic, and then only if it's this year.
  8. I'd cancel that 6 week notice as you wont start actually working for the army until way into 2010. The app process takes ages, especially with the amount of recruits going in nowadays.
  9. The tag says it all. To the OP.......Dont quit ya job just yet unless ya can afford to do so. Or find part time work. Could take a few months to get into the army. Check the Get ARMYFIT website for fitness advice too. It helps. Good luck
  10. haha ok ok resignition withdrew...

    wait iv been offered a job with less hours and more pay so i have more time to get fit!

    also why is it taking so long these days? i was applying late last year and i already had a spot in basic for a month later :S

    (canceled app because of family issues)
  11. Well that lasted long.
  12. Recession is hitting a lot of people etc who now have applied to the army, also less leaving meaning there are less places = longer wait.
  13. all you can hope is that some of these people who only want to join because of the recession,wont have the will power to see it through training because they are only half assed at it.most of these people as soon as the going gets tough i bet most of them would quit anyway.
  14. Massive numbers of applicants due to recession and lack of civvy jobs. And as to the last bit..i kinda know the feeling