I want to join the T.A

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Bobmonk86, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. I was at catterick 8 years ago an left with usfas on my discharge papers. I weren't a mong or anything, I was well behaved with an exemplary on my papers. I'm currently in college and learning a language, will I have any problems joining the T.A ?
  2. Its Sunday and your shite, try again later.
  3. Well given that UFAS stands for Unsuitable For Army Service and you want to join the Territorial Army, what do you think? :)
  4. Why did you get USFAS on your discharge papers?
  5. Don't worry, even if you got USFAS, there's always the RAF Regiment.
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  6. I told my platoon commander I didn't want to be here when I first got there, like I said I weren't a mong or done anything wrong. I was fitter and smarter out of all the recruits, after a few weeks he said to me you don't want to be here so I don't want you around the rest of the recruits, you can leave, so around a week later I was on my way.
  7. Sparky2339...tut tut now now, Bobmonk86...can you answer Cabana's question, why did you get USFAS on your record?
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  8. Liar liar, pants on fire.
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  9. Either this is teh sh1test wah in the history of mankind...

    Or you are so mentally sub-normal, that you need to stop breathing in order to walk.

    Will you turn up on your first drill night and casually mention to your boss that you don't want to be there?
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  10. If you told your Gaffer you didnt want to be there, why the fk did you join in the first place?
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  11. May I suggest the ACF....
  12. Rockape I just answered cabana, gents that the truth right there. For him to get rid of me, would that be the likely steps what he's done by getting me an usfas?

    I joined because I was bloody 17 and didn't know what else to do, a silly 17 year old yeah I admit, now I'm 25 studying for a career and I want more out of life. If I had the knowledge I got now an I could go back an be 17 again I wouldn't be here right now, and I bet a lot of you would say the same thing about yourselfs.
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  13. Bollocks, you wouldn't just get binned until you had interviews with the OC and that sort of caper. If you were as good as you claimed to be then they'd have tried to talk you out of it and if you were dead set on leaving you wouldn't have been UFAS as you left by choice it would have been DAOR (discharge as of right).
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  14. So English then. Fa-nah fa-nah!

    Another Sock Puppet Muppet.
  15. If I had the knowledge I had now, but was 17 again... I'd still be about 4 months in to a career in the Army. Same as last time around.

    Anyway, [nowah]you'll have to pop to your local TA unit or whichever unit it is you wish to join. Be completely honest with them, and it may be in your interest to mention your little USFAS problem early on in the procedings.

    They will want to know why this was so, so honesty will be the best policy.