I want to Join the HCAV/RAC

Discussion in 'RAC' started by FRjunkie, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,
    I need help, please. I am 25 and want a career change. I know for sure I want to join the RAC, however, Im not sure what regiment to join. My SGT at my local careers is pushing me into 9th/12th Lancers.....Any Good? I quite fancied Household Cav.....any ideas?? Please help. I'd appreciate it if anyone who was from any part of the RAC could get intouch,. Cheers
  2. In a similar topic to this, I'm 22 and in the Australian Army (2/14 Light Horse Regiment). I'm really keen to come across to the British Army, specifically 2RTR (my Sqn 2IC is a former RSM of 2RTR) but would really like to talk to some blokes from 2RTR to get a better feel for it.
    Hopefully someone can help us out.
  3. QDG is all you need to know lads
  4. Yeah, great career in the RAC! You are f*ing mental, right?
  5. Havent you left yet? Thought you were all for walking out the front gates etc etc :?
  6. Look no further.
  7. I assume that you come from Essex or East Anglia which is where 9/12L normally recruit from. Household Cavalry recruit nationwide, so no reason why you shouldn't join them regardless where you're from. If you want to join one of the Household Cavalry regiments (Life Guards or Blues and Royals) tell your recruiting Sgt. Questions you should ask yourself: do you want to be posted to Germany (9/12L) or London/Windsor (HCav). Are you desperately keen to work with horses? Yes - join HCav, not bothered - join either, definitely not, never in a million years - join 9/12L. Other than that, pretty much the same.
  8. I think you have me confused with someone else, I gave a tongue in cheek piece of advice about someone wanting out, but not for me personally! Although my RAC days are numbered, it's for different reasons.
  9. For OllyRAC and Hal953

    I've just spoken to staff in 2RTR and was told that; basically as thing stand with most Regts being fully or over manned, it doesn't really matter what Regt you want, you'll end up going where your told to!
    The only exception to this would be, if you have family ties to the Regt you wanted to join then you'd have a very high chance of getting into that Regt. Even local ties don't hold much weight as thing stand
    You join the Corp and get to put down your preferences, but they decide where you get posted.

  10. Does he smell of foxes piss / bus stops / green wine gums etc...?
  11. If you joined the HCR YOU WILL end up going to Knightsbridge at some point slapping donkeys! BUT it's always handy to go there for a promotion as no one ever wants to go!