I want to join the army but...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by domino123, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. I have wanted to join the army for bloody ages, but my parents think its possibly the most stupid decision I could ever make. My dads and ex-copper, and therefore ridiculously cynical, which has lead him to believe that everyone in the army are thick as you like. They dont mind me joining the RAF though, because they "dont do as much". (I think they hit the nail on the head there..) And I'm less likley to get killed.

    But I want to join the army! I know the obvious option.. just tell them to shut up and get on with it, but out of respect, I want their blessing before I do anything. What should I do? :?
  2. If your over 18 you can join up without their permission!
  3. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Be careful before you start criticising other Services. All carry a degree of risk and just because some trades may not be upfront and personal as the infantry, people still get hurt and people die. How about the Nimrod aircrew for starters?
  4. What were you thinking about doing if you join?
  5. If your over 18 you do what you want to do, your parents love for you will overcome the fact they dont want you to join. They have lived their lives and your father was a police officer, you can tell him that being a soldier carrys no more risk than driving a car on a busy road. He put himself in the line of danger many a time as a police officer i am sure. Just because he was wearing blue it makes no difference.

    If its what you really want, do it. You will make them proud when you pass out. Initial opinions will change when they see the man the army makes of you.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  6. If you want to join the army and you're over 18 go for it. My mum hated the idea at first when I was going to join in the summer of 2008(I was 19), so I put it off for a bit and built my fitness up a bit. Slowly she started to warm to the idea of the army, firstly it was "you aren't going in the army." then "you aren't going infantry." and now she just doesn't care, or atleast doesn't say she cares that I am going for infantry. Given time you're parents will come round and be proud of you.
  7. I'm in the RAF and it's a lot better but depends on what you want. If you have GCSEs and a bit of nouse then the RAF is the one. Plus we check in, not dig in! We are generally treated better and once you've been in a while NCOs will be on first name terms.

    However be aware promotion is very slow - after a decade in uniform you would be an Army Sgt but RAF Cpl. And so on. But in the Army you can get posted to Germany and have tax-free cars, overseas living allowance etc. In the RAF overseas postings are limited to Cyprus and maybe Gibraltar. We're all downsizing to Lincolnshire and the Home Counties.

    But if you haven't done well at school or home life is bad etc then the Army is good - just check you average NCOs when you get in! If you have a bit of sense and really want the Army go for the Corps that don't just take anyone, such as Sigs, REME, RE.

    Lastly if your best mate is likely to be your rifle then Infantry is the one. Blood quick promotion, just a tad dangerous. Unless it's RAF Regiment you don't see many RAF dying in Afghan.
  8. Corrected! :wink:
  9. You are a misinformed turd aren't you :roll:
  10. LOL nice... :D
  11. Leedsboy - it is often better to appear stupid than post here and remove all doubt. You are a very bad advert for the RAF.
  12. Dam. A quicker cutter and paster!
  13. Also tell your father he's a fcuking Bell End and only regrets not having the stones to join himself. Then move out the way if he's still hard enough to beat you up!
  14. my bold

    (WAH shield activated)

    Your a grade A throbber.....making massive generalisations based on nothing more than what the bigger boys in blue have told you

    (WAH shield off)

    Original poster.....if you dont live your dreams now you will regret it for ever. Your parents will come around when they realise what a well rounded, intelligent, disciplined man the army has made you
  15. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Granted it was pretty stupid but can we at least stay on thread please.
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