I Want To Go Gnome!

You know by keeping him War will break out you stupid fool! Do you need this? His owners are mental and will stop at nothing. Do the right thing and give him back or start sandbagging your areas. I plead only for the safety of your young folk (and old) :lol:
I hear noises, it's technical stuff, I think they could be talking in code. I'm still not happy here, my legs are getting tired. When can I stop running? I want to go gnome. :cry:
Shut up part3a!! Kevin must stay now for is own safety. If he were to return he would be knee capped or worst still, thrown in the pond. He has rebadged and will be very happy. I must admit i have seen front line equipments moving towards the borders. I will try and talk to the generals involved. :D
OH DEAR, OH DEAR, OH DEAR big bad BENCHER is here! :twisted:
i hope you are watching over our KEVIN :mrgreen: when we launched OPERATION SHARP POINT i was not expecting a cry from you alledged big tough boys when you wanted to call the RMP , never drop your guard boys whilst im around :p

YOU`ve gotta be in it..........to steal it

I`LL BE BACK :evil:
MR CO@ELMPT i dont know about you, but the weather was sooooooo nice today especially this morning, when i looked out of my window, it was definetly an allwhite day, was it allwhite for you? :twisted:
Very clever boys, however Kevin will suffer. You gullible people even believed that sh*t about the RMP's Yee Hah !!! We are ahead two-nil and will remain ahead at all times. I heard last night that you have asked permission from the Station QM for your next prank. TRY IT BOYS!!!

Remember the old chinese proverb: 'Locker move quicker than sleeping man'

:) :) :) :) Happy in Elmpt
I was talking to the lads in the bar tonight. I would hate to be going through what your boys are embarking on. You must stop this stupidity now before its too late. Really i'm not joking...................................
well i have issued the new set of tactical orders to my boys, the only thing i wont tell you is when "H" hour will be :twisted:


QUACK QUACK :p :twisted: :p :twisted:
Bencher and 8 Incher, your attempts to unsettle us today were pathetic. We have your Gnome and your Duck, quack, quack. You managed to steal some darts and then presented them back to us as soon as you thought you would be hassled. You are weak and we are mighty. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Bencher, Part 3a, 8 inch adj, Where are you? I'm scared. They are teaching me to read and write. I don't like it. I'm getting more like them every day. Soon I will have nothing in common with you at all and might even begin to like it here in my New Gnome. I'm A Gnome Get Me Out Of Here. :?
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