"I want to do better" says Gordon.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. It appears he knows that he is not up to scratch.

    It is annoying he hasn´t bailled yet. Surely a leader so preoccupied in attempting to show that the he isn´t incompentat and you should have confidence in him, is not spending time on more usefull matters....

  2. One would have thought that he would have to have done some good before he can aspire to do better!

    Gordon Brown's school report (allegedly):
  3. I watched him this morning, his idea that there isnt 2 million unemployed or the high interest rate, or as he said its the worlds fault, or depends on how you look at it!! speech. Showed a dead man talking.

    He is now running on empty, his cabinet,more interested in saving their own skins, or making something out of misfortune. A party which has decided that its time to finally destroy whats left of this country, one that admits crime will increase, but police forces manpower will not.

    A party which decides to get rid of energywatch, and let the power companies rip what they want out of us, a country which now relies on charity to provide help for injured troops, a total barking mad set up,which has more spin doctors than politicians, oh ffs their wonk, and hopefully will crawl back under a stone.

    Liarbor fecking the country from day one
  4. He is to some extent hamstrung, he's surrounded by party apparatchiks who's main effort is to maximise personal gain. If he turns on them he's out, if he keeps them he's out.
  5. Mind you, Brown has had his snout in the trough long enough, and will personally do well out of it, whilst bankrupting the country at the same time.
    All Zanu NuLab are in it for personal gain, Brown is no different.

    edteid fro spelnilg!
  6. If he wants to do better, he should borrow a Webley and put us and him out of our misery by shooting himself neatly through the temple.
  7. It wasnt my fault, honest!

    It wasnt anything to do with my spending of our gold, high taxes, "Ending of boom or bust" or schemes to hide spending off the balance sheet like PFI.
  8. "Free nursery places for all 2 years olds!" Now that will fix the economy and unite us all behind Great Gordon.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  10. He'll probably fucking miss.

  11. With his love in with ethnic minorities there is no way he would shoot through a temple. :D
  12. Thus he should toddle off down the mall with a step ladder some rope and find a lamp post.

    That would suffice for me in showing he understands how he can do better...
  13. He'll probably fucking miss.

    (and repeat, ad infinitum)
  14. Or could he be made President of an Independent Soctland? That might solve two of England's problems. Apologies to Scotish members, but brown, browne, alexander, darling.......... have hardly been your best exports.
  15. We'd all like him to do better. And I'd like a 12 inch cock, but sometimes reality gets in the way.

    Did he happen to mention at any point which direction the big boy who did it ran away in?