I want to design my own wedding invitations.

In just over six months my daughter is getting married. Now that she’s set a date, I’m shopping for wedding invitations. I have seen many designs but can’t find anything I like. Have you had any experience with ordering well-designed wedding invitations?
we designed our own, it was through a company in Aldershot, Ill get you the contact details if we still have them.
If you have a computer and a half decent printer not only can you design your invites you can make them too.

The real trick is to know what you want and then get a few prototypes doone to see how well it woks and what needs tweeking.

These days there are plenty of semi professional card makers as well as the main stream printers so you should be able to find a good choice of supplier locally.

Good luck


If you are looking for hand made wedding invitations that are of a high standard I have a friend who does alot of handmade card craft invitations. Very classy and different to your normal invitations. PM me if interested and I can pass you her details.

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