I want to be all grown up and clever like a pilot.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sigs-rule, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. i was thinking the other day that i would like to be all grown up and clever like those pilot types i see walking around.

    ive already forget to iron my uniform, i eat pies and walk around like i own the place and talk down to people.

    any other tips??
  2. Bad day?
  3. Assume that any girl you meet must want your sex, even if she is with her boyfriend/fiance/the father of her children...

    Tell everyone you meet you are a pilot, even if they pretend to not be interested...fibbers!

    Drive your civvy car as if the rules of the road are meant for some lesser being, not possessed of your super-human reflexes and powers of co-ordination...

    Always decline that last drink with a loud "Sorry no thank you, I'm flying tomorrow!"
  4. Leave the sigs section and become a bowser mong. Women love a good bowsermong war story because such tales of derring do are usually truthful and not a load of bollock5 like the ones aircrew luvvies and sigsection wannabees tend to use..
  5. Whats up? Missus got spit roasted by a couple of pilots?

    sigs-rule, I think you've already reached your ceilling.

    Any other tips?

    Yep. Stop acting all bitter and twisted. You make yourself sound jealous. :wink: Dont be. Not everyone can be a god like figure.
  6. Don't shut any doors or windows it's fine security will get them for ya !!!

    Always forget your i/d. It has your real age on it and people will find out your real age not the one you tried saying you are!!!!!

    Oh and the extra white toothpaste and the ping sound effect on your phone to go with smile...

    You will do just fine with these and always have your phone stuck to your ear as well

    Good luck....lol
  7. Big watch, with lots of dials, you need a big watch.....
  8. Don't forget to always sit in the back of a taxi....

  9. .....and we can afford several too........ ;)

    Mmm. The Breilting or the Omega tomorrow? Decisions, decisions.....
  10. Breitling surely, the ones with built in distress transmitters - and of course you need two; one with the mil freq when flying for MoD and the other with the civvy freq when moonlighting.
  11. Always wear your flying suit even if your not flying that day or you have finished a days work....................

    not that Pilots do any work
  12. Myth which none of you WAFUs have yet realised:

    You don't get paid more, you just get paid faster........
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    The difficulty of "wanting to be a pilot" is that you really have to have been born into the species.

    Do not believe pilots are like other people. They are actually a distinct sub-species of Homo Sapiens and have been created in a secret breeding programme in a laboratory in the South East. Skilled scientists have managed, over the years, to introduce special characteristics to the breed. These include 'invincibility', 'self-confidence' and an irresistible attraction towards bright objects attached with Velcro.

    If you are not specially bred for the task, it is occasionally possible for common mortals to be come pilots. However, the procedure can be prolonged and painful.

    Instead, you could adopt a pilot as a pet. With persistence they can be house-trained to an acceptable standard, and require very little exercise. There are many pilots looking for a home ... could YOU help give one a new lease of life?
  14. Are you house trained, or does your butler sort out your chamber pot??
  15. And remember a pilot is for life not just christmas!!!! :D

    I'll et my coat thank you and good night you've been a fantasic audience