I want to be a recy mech

i want to find out whats involved in the training and whats involved in the job. I no the rough outline but i want to find out from people who have/still do it.

Cheers Flack :)


You've turned on a computer, and managed not to electrocute yourself, therefore way to intelligent to become a recy mech :)
OK best thing to do is take a look at the Clint Eastwood films Anywhich Way but lose......you will see Clints training partner was a Recy Mech.... Clive ..learn his ways and you will be one step of the way.

Great job though if you do go Recy Mech...you need D grades english lang, Maths and Science and be physically and mentally tough as it is a very rugged job.... you will learn minor mechanical skills (about B mech VM level) and also get the chance to learn from us A mechs....had Recy Mechs on the Warrior 513 and been on Foden crews and joking aside a great bunch of lads....except for the GWAR one.....
From the basics ive read on the mod jobs site it sounds like my cuppa tea. Im bored of the normal day job i want something diffrent. A challange.
Despite some of the internal REME joking levelled at Recy Mechs by some of the other trades, they tend to be a great bunch who are not shy of hard work. The ones I knew also seemed to be complete deviants, but that's another story!

If you become a Recy Mech and find yourself in the privileged position of being attached to an RAC regiment, you will be responsible for going forward in your SAMSON or CRARV to recover broken down or stuck CVR(T) or Challenger2, sometimes under fire.

I would thoroughly recommend it as a trade, if that's what interests you. However, how much you enjoy them job will, to some extent, depend on where you are posted. From my (slightly biased) point of view, I would recommend trying to go to a fitter section in an RAC squadron, but a serving Recy Mech who has done a variety of postings will be able to advise better.

Good luck
recce mechs , all the ones i met (usually through my own stupidity/poor map reading ) were top blokes not scared of hard work ,sort of reme eqivalent to lineys.
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