I want out!! Rules, regs and loop holes??!!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by time_fora_change, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi all!

    Just looking for a bit of advice and to hear of any experiences?

    I handed in my notice in nov after 8yrs 2mths. however ive just been informed that it has been rejected!!

    I did a 5 month course 2 years ago to which i have a 3 yr return of service. I was aware of this at the time but over that last year life has changed and i have been faced with numerous personal problems such as miscarriages etc which have left me feeling pretty miserable. I am also very unhappy in my current unit due to some bullying from my CoC.

    I have never neen one to try and 'get out of things' or 'milk' the military and genuinly thought there would be no probs with me signing off at 2 years of my return of service as i will have completed the three yrs after 12 months notice?!

    However i have been offered a great civi job which is set to start in apr and so i have asked if it could leave early to start this, this is why they have declined my application. I have loved every minute of my career and have focused my whole time in on doing my best. I have served all the usual places and gone where im told etc like all of us. Now i just wanna get out! is there any way i can appeal the descision to reject my application?

    I am thinking of going to the padre on monday morning to tell them how hard the last year has been and how the thought of getting out has litterally been whats kept me going! I dont want anyone to think im trying to fleece the military and i am more than prepared to pay the cost of the course if this is an option. i just feel that in the 8yrs service i have been completely career focused and now im at an age where i need to do non military stuff (babies) and would just like to be free to leave!

    Any advice on a route to take to apply for early realease?

  2. Speak to your RCMO.

    (This isn't happening to me is it?)
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  3. Tell your bosses you like big guns and always wondered what it felt like to kill a man, that should do the trick.
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  4. Show the RSM a picture of you with a cock in your mouth. This will not work in the US or Canadian Forces however, or if you are female...
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  5. How do you feel about cocaine?
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  6. it'll work for anyone (except the French) if it's an animal cock, or a severed human one.
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  7. He won't be able to shit if I've punted him up the arrse.

    OP, why not ask the same question in a different thread? That would really make my night.
  8. not too hot on cocaine but believe me ive seriously considered it this weekend!!!! Also the cock in the mouth might not work unless its the CO's wifes cock?!! AND I am female so prob even less likely to work?

    Okay so that leaves the big gun option.....like it!!!
  9. True, didn't quite think it through it seems.
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  10. I think the OP is a splitarrse, showing the RSM a pic with a cock in her mouth may be seen as an invitation.
  11. Pictures?
  12. 24689507.jpg
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Women in the Army? I'd hate to go up against a platoon of them once their menstrual cycles have synced up.
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  15. well if you showed your CO pictures of his wife & you with your favorite sex toys that might help?
    but seriously do not go down the drugs route as that could screw up future employment etc!