I want out and need help!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by monkryredcap, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Well I got offered a job with my local gov but they wanted me to start within a month so I asked my OC and he pushed it up the chain.. A big YES came back by word of mouth, I put all my papers in went all the way to my CO and then came a BIG nope and paper was binned!.... Im now left with a deverstated wife and son and a fantastic job thats slowly fading away.. What the hell am I going to do, went army welfare but all they said was I have no leg to stand on due to it being word of mouth and no paper trail!! I have one month to get out "any ideas were I go from now???".....
  2. Keep pestering and they will get the message. But if Glasgow wants to be awkward it can. Not sure that a month's notice is going to work though ... unless your CEG is over-manned.
  3. What terms of service are you under? How long have you done?
  4. Well what a day, CO is put his foot down and still its a NO but nevermind will just have to carry on, only got 9 months left.. well thanx for all the help guys.
  5. You could always try a civvy lawyer used to dealing with the military and see if he can offer you advice under employment law - paid monthly therefore month's notice - you know usual stuff. I know of a couple of guys in the Navy who took legal action (or threatened it) and got out after only 3 months.
  6. MRC,

    Can't help without more info!!
  7. if you really wish to get out...perhaps you shouldnt have been so honest with the Cof C in the first instance. Instead, a claim of I want to leave because Im not a team player, I dont fit in, I dont like taking orders...
    The phrase you need to be said about you by an MO or otherwise, is 'temperamentally unsuited to service life'. Its a scam, you know it, they know it... have a look in QRs. Im not sure it is still used.
  8. Get "ARRSE" tattooed across your forehead?
  9. I know a few people who used tempermentality to leave the Army. Still, I can't believe your management are being such tossers. I was told I could have early release, but they recommended I stay in and save...
  10. At the end of the day it all comes down to what cap badge / trade group you are in. The Army has invested a lot of money in you and they rightly feel as though they should get value for money. Under the early release scheme you could get out in 3 months as long as you are willing to forgo your right to Resettlement Leave. Go back to the chain of command and show them your Formal Offer of Employment and ask if your release date can be brought forward in order to take up such a position. Do this in writing and if you are given a reply verbally ask for it in writing, that way you can put in a redress under Section 150 of the Army Act. Your case would then be reviewed by someone further up the chain of command.
  11. Speak with your future employers - explain the situation I would imagine that unless they are desperate to fill the post they will willingly wait the extra couple of months. I should also contact a solicitor who specialises in employment law to see exactly where you stand re the vebal assurances you were given.
  12. if your that depserate, fail a medical.
  13. How about temperamentally unsuitable, claim to be a conscientious objector, fail a CDT, go sick at home with stress indefinitely etc.
  14. You sound like you've tried the last one AGC...

    Advice like yours with reference to "fail a CDT".. is a terrible piece of advice to give someone, are you all there in the head?
  15. Haha takes mor then my easy job to stress me out. Did i mention my pay is NEVER messed up? And all my claims get paid ahead of everyone else?

    You've got to look at the situation pragmaticaly(sp?). If someone wants out the army fast, and cant get out any other way then yeah failing a CDT is one way of doing it. Its a case of whether that record following them around is something to be bothered about! I dont think it's terrible advice. This would be terrible advice:

    Fail a CDT and when you're a civvy again there'll be no repercussions. Now that would be terrible advice. Because it's untrue. But for someone to say "I want out quickly how do I do it" fail a CDT is a pretty fitting solution.