I want one of these!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Recce19, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Kin hell!!!!!!!!
  2. jesus christ on a frickin bike, love it!

    only the septics could come up with a fackin weapon like that,

    just wait till the drug dealers/high school multi murdererers get their hands on the bugger, lots of dead cops/kids.

    nice product, but not for public consumption, oh wait oops!

  3. Very nice. Versatility of the cartridge adds a lot of value to something like this. Similar concept behind the design of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAG-7


    A mate was the marketing bloke for the company and I spent a fair bit of time on the range with a couple of examples and a truckload of ammunition. The idea was to utilise the versatility of the round to include shot, baton, thunderflash, flare, slug and anything else that could be dreamed up. Only drawback was chambering a round with the finger outside the trigger guard got the tip a hefty whack from the slide and brought a little bead of sweat to the brow. Other than that, it was a pleasure to shoot and high speed fusillades from the hip could fire seven rounds in under three seconds. Very compact and ideal as an urban assault weapon. Unfortunately it just never took off.
  4. Holy arse jaffas!!! Imagine turning up 'Del Boy' stylee to a clay pigeon shoot with that mo-fo.
  5. I'm not sure. I'll wait to see what Hardman476 thinks about it and be guided by his views. He seems to know what he is talking about when it comes to weaponry.
  6. Reminds me of my favourite Chinese guy:

    HO LEE FOOK!!!!!

    urban combat weapon or what?
  7. Just think how many people the yanks can kill in friendly fire incidents with a couple of those.

    Another bit of spray and pray crap.
  8. Once and only once I turned up at a very posh pheasant shoot with an 870 with mag extension and folding stock. Got told to fack orf. :D
  9. Different video, same shotgun.

    It does look to work quite well but seems to be a solution looking for a problem. Some of the ammunition natures look quite handy but the AA12 looks too cumbersome, short range and slow to reload to be of much use.

    I bet Michael Yardley never thought he would be shown in that video....
  10. Beaten to it by Trip_Wire Chaps! LINKETTE
  11. mmm, shiney shiney...
  12. Didn't they try to do this in the 80s with the Pancor Jackhammer?

    A bullpup design I think.

    Where do they get the narrator, he sounds like he is cumming in his pants thorugh out the clip!!!!!!!!!!

    Did anyone spot the clips of British soldiers in actions, whilst he was cumming in his pants talking about the US Army inventory?