I want one of these


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rtfm-fool said:

Can see this in Div HQ being used for...........Solitaire.

Very impressive - I bet he's got a 'server village' behind that screen - and of course bandwidth wouldn't be an issue.

Not forgetting it will be fully compatible with other existing systems and it'll work as shown - without assistance from the civvy geeks. :nod:
His research at New York University also involves this:


Insert suitably risque caption here:
This technology is v similar to TouchTable

There is one in UK, it was demonstrated to Comd 160 Bde and Ops Planning of the Welsh police forces on an exercise back in October. It runs on 2 high-end desktops and supports 3 displays.

The UK supplier has exisiting contracts with MoD.


Forget it, we'll never get that, the MOD has just spent it's budget for the next 30 years on BOWMAN. Remember it has to at least 10 years out of date before the MOD buys it. You'll just have to be happy with COMBAT.


That technology is just a simple extension of the mouse and is not new - why would you use your hands to shift things round on a screen when you can do exactly the same with a mouse. (Im talking about the home user here) This is another example of technology not allowing you to see the forest for the trees.

I can however see some use in schools for Mr Teacher but other than that pretty limited Id say.

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