I want one of these

One of these could be quite entertaining...

Here's the link:


You only need a weapons mount on the sunroof and you can have all sorts of fun ambushing chavs in their crappy little cars and then chasing them across the fields when they've dismounted!

:D :D :D

Mr_Deputy said:
you want a chubby russian man in a mad rust bucket? i expect he'll be over the moon. look him up. call him.
Call him what?



BTW its a slow day at work today, rebuilding a pc after a hard drive failure - so I've plenty of time waiting for Microsoft's crap to install.... :roll:
Mr_Deputy said:
Call him Ivan.

Good place to start.

Good luck with the PC I'd most likely have broken it after taking off more than three screws I expect. It'd be a smoking carcass by lunchtime.
I used to work as an IT techie for a local college - it didn't matter what I did to the PCs there as I could always blame it on the students. I have to fix this one properly though as it is my own business PC... hey ho!


smudge67 said:
I'd rather have a Cuthbertson tracked LR




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