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i want

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by sxe_upward_legs, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. right i know youre allg oin to laugh and tak the piss but i need to get this out:


    me and lisa are obsessed with the uniform and the boots and the stable belts and the guns n everything lol!
  2. not just me! lisa too!
  3. Where do you come from? Whore island?
  4. Ex- Soldier count? (still with uniform).
  5. yea! thats great ^^^
  6. I'll f uck you both....

    Just let me fetch my claw hammer and blade before i commence the lords work on your civilian whore bodies...


    F uck off and die of tit. cancer you gopping horror bag.

    Merry christmas
  7. Both of you want a soldier?

    Both of you at the same time?

    The same soldier?

    Erm Well erm......................................................
  8. yes! lol
  9. What area?
  10. manchester
  11. Not yet. I want to circulate naked pics and persoanl information of myself across the entire web and ARRSE before the WAH is called... :(
  12. are you prepared to travel...can't be arsed going to manchester
  13. I'll second that Wah! :safe: