I Want My Place Names Back

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. A good deal of British history is encapsulated in the names that we gave to countries, and geographical features within said countries, during our mission to bring civilisation to those less-fortunate beings outwith GB. Unfortunately, revisionists have attempted to destroy our heritage by re-naming said entities.

    Ayers Rock is one such example - named after Sir Henry Sayers, a former PM of S Australia, it has subsequently been renamed Uluru (edited for initial mistake) by a collection of benzine-loving eco-indiginees.

    Same with Rhodesia - named after that paragon of virtue, PM of Cape Colony, and good all-round egg, Cecil Rhodes, it has subsequently been renamed Zimbabwe, renamed through the simple process of randomly selecting Scrabble tiles during a maize beer-swilling competition at the central kraal.

    What makes my blood boil even more is the attempt to replace traditional English names in GB. Del Boy's residence in Peckham is a prime example - Nelson Mandela House my arse. Don't know what is was originally called - maybe one of our ARRSE historians can assist.
  2. It's more politically correct now to call it Uluru
  3. Are you drunk?

    It's political correctness gone mad - presumably ethnic minorities will now go back to be called "darkies" a la Alf Garnett?
  4. Not really - its showing the monolith the respect it deserves. It had a name tens of thousands of years before we showed up and gave it a new moniker.

    One i'd change is Stone Henge - they were up all fucking night thinking of that one. It must have been called something by the druids and stone draggers who built it.
  5. I'm getting a bit fed up with all the new names for places in India and China. What was wrong with Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, or sodding Peking?

    Surely we shouldn't change the names we use just because the people who live there have decided to call those places something else. I mean really.

    Besides, the Froggies call London 'Londres'. Gits.
  6. And they can't seem to pronounce 'Belvoir' properly either.
  7. It's not a monolith it is a hill. As such it doesn't have a name or deserve any 'respect'. Likewise you can not 'diss it', it is a pile of rock and earth.

    Australian aborigines arrived via a land bridge fron SE Asia, they have no bigger claim of ownership than the Dutch. The Anglo Saxon world and everone else calls it Ayres Rock.

    Likewise with the trendy renaming of places in Southern Africa, some of the Black African peoples now running the Southern Countries arrived after the white man and contributed to the annihilation of the indigenous peoples who used to call Zibabwe or Rhodesia either 'here' or 'home'.
  8. Too true mate - Beijiing Crispy Duck with Hoi-Sin Sauce just doesn't sound right.
  9. ..after the Black woman in Star Trek...
  10. Or even.

    (Drunken accent) "Hi ya mate, please can I have a Beef Chennai and a Pilau rice"

    "Oh and a side dish of Mumbia aloo"
  11. Oh Yes! Top (OAP) totty!

    Lt, Sulu: It's OK Captain she won't get far, I'm a practising homosexual

  12. I like how the newscasters put on a wee bit of an accent when they pronounce foreign place names, but they never say regional placenames with the appropriate accent. It would be funny though.

    "We go to our west of Scotland correspondant in Glesga...."
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It keeps rearing (oops) it's ugly head (ouch) doesn't it? 8O
  14. Is this true, FFS? I thought it was just a Septic error. In any event, it's incorrect. :x
  15. Old favourite of mine;

    'It's Belgravia if you live there; Pimlico if you don't'