I want my kidney back.

Richard Batista from Long Island in New York, US, says he wants the organ back or $1.5m (£2.1m).

The surgeon gave his wife Dawnell the kidney in 2001 after two previous failed transplants.

Dr Batista told the New York Daily News there is "no value you can put on an organ when it saves someone's life. There is no greater feeling on this planet."

He says he is only suing Dawnell to get her to act reasonably in the divorce case, claiming she is restricting access to their children, aged eight, 11 and 14.

Their relationship had been suffering due to the strain of his wife's medical issues, said Dr Batista.

"My first priority was to save her life," he said. "The second bonus was to turn the marriage around."

But it did not work and four years later she filed for divorce.

Arthur Caplan from the University of Pennsylvania's Centre for Bioethics said the likelihood of Dr Batista getting either his kidney or the money was "somewhere between impossible and completely impossible".

Medical ethicist Robert Veatch from Georgetown University said it was illegal for an organ to be exchanged for anything of value.

Organ donation is a gift which means you cannot legally get it back, he explained.

"It's her kidney now and taking the kidney out would mean she would have to go on dialysis or it would kill her," Mr Veatch said.

He insisted no reputable surgeon would perform such a procedure and no court could compel someone to undergo an operation.

Beats arguing about who gets which dvd :D
What a throbber. Whatever the cause of their separation, no matter who was to blame, he has just lost any sympathy with an act like that.

What he needs is someone to take him 'round the back and punch him in the remaining kidney.
What did he seriously think would be the best thing that could happen? Still though being dead would stop the b1tch from whining, he gives up a kidney to her and she divorces him! Talk about gratitude.
Not too long ago, a recently divorced man went in to his in-laws house with a flame thrower and some pistols. The key to his act appears to have been a wife being disruptive about access to the kids, and getting the dog in the settlement.... not to menion walking away with a large amount of cash, despite not working ever, and the husband already having a house.

From what I can tell, it isn´t too much fun being a bloke in an American divorce. It states in the OP he is only doing it to make his ex more reasonable about access to the kids.

As a surgeon, he probably already knows he wont get cash or the organ. After all, he is probably bound by the Hippocratic Oath, and would thus refuse to carry out an operation such as this. He probably is also aware the organ donation is a gift.

We have "superheroes" who scale Buck Palace for similar reasons.
Going through a divorce at the moment. My kidney is just about all the bitch had not demanded
What is it with women, ffs, they were spawned of a blokes 'rib', now they want organs as well. gready blood sucking biatches
For that amount of money, he can have one of mine! 8O
I've always felt for the father being pushed out of his role. There should be much stronger legal rights for a man to see his children, regardless of the reasons of divorce from his wife. If a woman doesn't see her children she would normally be prosecuted for child cruelty where as it's acceptable for the father to ignore his. Look at what has happened to this fellow, probably a respectable doctor and his ex refuses access to his kids then he's a mess.

Also how ungrateful can this woman be, he saves her life she takes away his kids. Seems to me she doesn't deserve the kidney.
Interceptor said:
What a throbber. Whatever the cause of their separation, no matter who was to blame, he has just lost any sympathy with an act like that.

What he needs is someone to take him 'round the back and punch him in the remaining kidney.
On the face of it I agree but he explained on the News that he had given her his kidney so she could live then she had an affair thus ripping his fcuking heart out at the same time.
caulkhead said:
Just read in soldier mag (how sad am I?) about a sgt who's paying £700 per month csa, it would be cheaper to give her his kidney :D
I worked with a bloke a few years ago who was, supposed to pay £900 a week!! Needless to say he didn't even earn that much.

I myself ended up owing £12000 at one point. I believe things are much better these days? Still, the 'Child Support Agency' is still a misnomer. It should be the ‘Government Claw Back Money Agency’
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