I want my Corporals Mess back!

Hi seniors, sorry to invade your Forum Index but the question I have is best answered by you guys. I'm attached to an RMP company, and have always been proud to be a corporals mess member with all the priveleges that go with it. Sadly, most of my colleagues don't share that same sense of pride. I go into the mess most nights, and I am always surprised by the lack of attendance, considering the facilities on offer. Most nights people sit in their rooms playing their Playstations, but it hasn't always been this way. It's not because they don't drink, or hate each other, because they regularly go out to other bars, leaving our bar empty all week. We are one of the richest Corporal's messes in the British Army, with over €30,000 in our GPF alone, the problem is that these guys aren't bothered about spending it or doing anything together as a mess. I continually point out to people that they will only serve here for three years, and if they don't spend their money, someone else will. To highlight the extent of the crisis, a senior mess member recently left the army after 22 years service, and if it hadn't been for myself and one other mess member (neither of us are on the committee) his departure would have gone unnoticed. The presentation and toasts were all fantastic, but then everyone just went down town straight afterwards and the bar was nearly empty by 10:30. Also a lot of mess damage has occurred recently, by pissheads with the hump about something or other, I suspect. The average age is a lot lower than it used to be, I can only assume that's a part of the reason. Is the Corporals Mess a thing of the past? Am I the only one who has noticed a decline in interest? If anyone has any ideas as to how I can get this mess back on track I would be grateful if they could share them with me, whether it's a fond memory from your old corporals mess, or just a novel idea that might help, all input will be gratefully received. Thank you.
I'm with you on this one fella. I posted a very similar thread question in the Aviation Forum last week-ish. "Naafi starting to take the P*ss"

You should read it.
JHQ, Per chance?

Maybe if the screws mess can offer slags cheeper than they can be bought down town, the mess will once more be a thriving place. Who honestly wants to look at Overweight Lesbian RMP chicks, when there is so much more blaaght on offer doon toon.
the only way to gain interest in the mess is to promote it in the right way.

have a meeting with the PMC etc and voice your thoughts, get active on the committee if thats what it takes.

See if you can persuade the presiding member to have a few functions with 3 line wip, make them cheap, spend some of the mess money, get em in the door and show them the benefits of being a member of an exclusive club.

Dont stop there, once you have their attention then keep on at them, dangle the carrot in regard to functions and benefits, ask them what they want to see to make it better/ more inviting etc.

I can understand the drinking during the week element, but I always support my mess on a weekend or a function night.

Hope this helps.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no alcy. There used to be a lot of regular lads (mainly the more senior ones) who you could always rely upon to be there when you fancied a pint and a chat on one bored tuesday night when nothing's going on. Most of these guys seem to come here straight from training nowadays, instead of growing up at another unit or two first. I blame Metrosexuals and f*****g alcopops, grrrr

and by the way Kaaa, they're not overweight, just pregnant, hee hee hee
In my day the Corporals Mess was a stepping stone to the Sergeants Mess. The structure of the Corporals Mess should be aligned with that of the Sergeants Mess to enable the members to fit in quickly to the Sergeants Mess way of life, and way of "doing things". It sounds like the upper echelon of your Mess dont care about the way your mess is being run.

Why not ask your Sergeants Mess PMC for a meeting and see if he/she can help you. To get the members to attend functions in your mess you will have to do one of two things......1. Make the evening compulsory attendance (not very popular but sometimes it has to be done). 2. Get some top-notch entertainment (strippers and/or comedians) and a first rate buffet. Spend money and let the members see how it could be with their input.

Alternatively, try and arrange a games night with the Sergeants Mess at the Sergeants Mess and let the members see what potential their mess could have.

Dont give up, keep at it, it will work out for you in the end.

Lastly, keep these damn civilian contractors and the NAAFI out of your messes business, they will surely destroy what you have.
I am in a unit that has been without a Cpl's Mess for about 5 years, they are gagging to get it going again and it will be launched with a Summer Ball. Always good to get the ladies, partners what ever on side and say thanks for your support.

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