I want a refund

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jagman, May 1, 2008.

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  1. With the emergence of the report saying global warming will "pause" for a decade or two due to natural variation it raises the question of being charged fee's by Gordon Brown under false pretences.
    Now all that considered I feel I am due a refund of all the hard earned cahs that has been taken from me (us) on the grounds that we must be penalised for destroying the enviroment. Especially seeing that non of this money taken from us has really had any impact on the ficticious effect we car driving Britains are having on the now delayed arrival of hot and sunny summers anyway.

    The question is, short of hijacking petrol tankers, how do I go about getting a refund for the crap I have been forced to pay for and is of dubious value in the 1st place?
    More to the point we were forced to pay for it wether we want it or not!
  2. I asked that on a similar thread this morning. Cars with large engines pay higher road tax because they produce more harmful ozone eroding emmissions. Now we know it could be all hokus pokus I wonder if Brown and darling might rush around getting the car taxes lowered in good faith.

  3. I prefer to think of the emmisions from my 4litre Jeep as plant feeding, eco friendly, growth promoting gases that encourage massive plant growth and therefor are of great benefit to the enviroment.
    Jesting aside, it now costs me over £80 to fill the car with fuel, I cant sell the fooking thing because fuel has gone up 20% since I bought it.
    We are paying through the nose under false pretences :x
  4. We're British, born with our pants down and lube in hand.
  5. Indeed it is a total fekking rip... only a few years ago you couldn't find a serious politician who would even get involved in the subject... with the exception of poking fun at the greenies.

    Then naturally some stink tank of gov bods realised there was money to be made from the whole BIG LIE and suddenly everyones carbon footprint is important.


    So now you know why these slimy labour thieves want all properties to have a ENERGY EFFICIENCY TEST prior to sale... so they can increase tax on those properties with the highest carbon footprint. Naturally they lied about the reasons for the HIPS - it was all going to be about making the sale of properties faster.... nice one Labour... the property market since the implementation of HIPS is the slowest it has been since the recession of the 1980's.

    Burn, Brown and Burn every Labour PM and burn that cnut Blair too. Hate, hate, hate.... medication please!