I want a degree

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by russellalbert, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. I am 19 years old and joined the british army with certain educational wants that were never met! i find myself now longing for civilian university life the problem is i have only been in the british army for one and a half years and find myself in the majoy dilemma how the hell do i get out of the army? buying yourself out is no longer an option!! so what options are there??? please somebody give me some much needed advice i am so stuck!!!!grrrr
  2. I want, never gets.
  3. Do you have the qualifications to get into university? if not youre going to have to wait until your 25 (or 23,i forget) to apply as a mature student. Personally I think you should finish what you started first, but im not you so what would I know? What were these 'educational wants' that didnt get? I dont understand it when people join up to get something for a job afterwards.
  4. Basically i joined up wanting a degree out of the army that set aside i do have the qualifications to get into university and have had a letter saying they would be willing to let me into university!! i just would like to know what are my options on how to leave the army any help you can offer would be much apreciated
  5. All yours Mr Lara, I am merely an umpire.
  6. You joined up wanting a degree, a degree is something you earn you daft cnut. You have to work towards it, have you ever considered getting off your fcuking arse and getting down to the education centre and enquiring about starting some courses in your own time. Or are you aghast at the idea that you will have to do it in your own personal time after you have finished work rather then going to the bar and acting a cnut. Wake up you idle little fcuk.

    Hello Snail :p
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    Did you go to my school of "Shut the fuck up and stop crying, you little princess" too?
  8. I passed out with the highest honours, which involved actually pointing and laughing at a 4 year old girl who had dropped her ice cream, it was tough but worth it. In fact I've recently rewritten our risk assessments, some soft t**t had a assessment for "stress at work". It is now in the burn bag. Diversity? Are you mad?
  9. Cheers but looks like vampire got in there first. Bugger it.

    If you want a degree, go to university, dont join the army.

    If you want to serve Queen and country and kick some arse, join the army. Simple really. Youve done the complete opposite to what any normal person would do and now youre in the shit.

    Maybe you could try and get a dishonourable discharge, you deserve one.
  10. Nah, fcuk that Bri. Next time he's on the range, he should shoot himself. Quick out, no?

    Or he could just do his fcuking time like everyone else is/has and not post this shite.

    P.S. Hiya Snail. What's with the wittle doggy? What is he/she? (I just know you're gonna say its your lurve toy... :roll: )
  11. Here's what you do. Get some charlie, ask for a COs interview, march in, chuck one up (salute that is) pull out a rolled up tenner and your packet of devils dandruf, snort it and say, " test me you fat **** cross dresser!".


    Just out of interest, how does a tit like you get through selection and basic without getting a good shoeing?
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  13. As already said get your lazy f%$king ass down the education centre and do an OU course or better still do us all a favour and wipe the tears from your eyes and get on with your time.

    PS would i be right in suspecting your one of our foreign and commonwealth brethren by the way you say BRITISH army we just call it the Army

    Just a thought.
  14. Spend some time at the AEC.Learn how to write.Get a dictionary.
  15. Feck off you chopper. You dont get a frigging degree you spend 3 years some of it hard work reading for it on something more intellectual than the Janet and John books you are reading!!!!!

    How the effing hell did you get through selection and basic and in to your regt with out some 5 knuckle attention to your face. You must be really special. I bet your Pl Sgt (The one with 3 stripes) bloody loves you.

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