i wand to B shpeshall



i is wanntin to b gangsta lyke, and wont to jhoyn (sp?) the SAS and like so wot iz ur oppiounion on traynin and stuph? do anione no and like? thaannx loads
Obvious WAH. Someone with no clue about the army, posting about the SAS, is unlikely to have a location "Back in Tidders", doubtless referring to Tidworth. Besides, even the stupidest people can manage to spell "stuff" without a ph.
I'm not sure why we are even responding to this cr*p. But here goes, grow up you silly little fecker.


Sorry it was a satirical take on the overwhelming amount of similar posts in the "Training Wing" folder, and I was chuckling at a few of them when I wrote this piss take... well I thought it was funny anyway...
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