"I used to shoot people like you"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by craign, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. I was going to stick this on the Current Affairs forum but thought that we've had enough threads referencing the BNP on there for a lifetime.

    Linky to Scotsman article on BNP

  2. Was he in the German Engineers then?

    What is your point?
  3. If he told you that would he have to shoot you??
  4. Well it's not as if I haven't been shot at recently.

    I take it I am to assume that because a 82 year old soldier who supposedly fought his way through Germany (even though not infantry) has the moral high ground on someone who believes that our country is being overun with immigrants.
  5. Its because the BNP are Nazi's you thick c*nts

  6. Well thats us told.
  7. I bet he didn't shoot at people like this!

    Gordon Savage, who was parachuted into Arnhem as part of Operation Market Garden to secure bridges over the River Rhine to aid the British advance into Germany in September 1944, announced his intention to upgrade his existing BNP membership to to “life” status at a meeting in Whitehaven on Wednesday.
    Mr Savage, who lives at Kells, was awarded the MBE in the 1992 New Years’ Honours for services to the Parachute Regimental Association. He told the Whitehaven News that he was proud to be a member of the BNP:
  8. How can they be Nazis?

    The Nazi Party folded over 60 years ago. Are we to assume that behind closed doors the Nazi Party have been secretly continuing in the UK for the last half century and more.
  9. : :wink:
  10. And I'll put a grand that good ole Gordon Savage did a lot more than this Charlie Baily geezer who probably built a bridge then fcuked off home.
  11. No. Thats what the Bloke in the story was insinuating though and I doubt he was being completely genuine with his comments. There is no Nazi party, but plenty of similar ones.
  12. So are we assuming this 82 year old Sapper is an infantry walt?

    Given that if he is 82, he would have been born in 1927, making him 12 when the second world war started, and then 17 when it ended, who the feck was he shooting at 17?

    Or are my maths well out?
  13. A lot of people lied about their age. My granddad joined up at 15. Then again he could be a walt. Who knows.
  14. Well if he's anything like you he fucking well was.

  15. Naahhhhh, I personally think its just another sapper making out he was a proper soldier and not just some bricky/bridge builder, like most of em do.

    "Im a combat engineer dont you know" ;)

    Yup, and you still dont know the first thing about being a soldier, any cnut can play yuka in a bunker.

    Edited because I forgot the actual name of that stupid fookin card game.